Monday, June 8, 2009

Motherhood rites of passage #187 & #188

#187 Sick Kid on a Trip...

You're not really a mother until you've gone somewhere on a trip with a child, and had that child get sick in the middle of the night.  That itself is an experience.  "Do I call the Pediatrician on call?"  "Even if I call the Ped on call, what is she going to do for me, here, 30 minutes from the nearest pharmacy and 45 minutes away from the nearest hospital."  "And even if she were to call in a prescription, the nearest 24 hour pharmacy is an hour from here."  "I'm an hour from help."  "Crap".  "I'm tired."  "It's 3 am.  Whew, we've made it almost through the night."  "Ok.  It's 3:03.  It's only been 3 minutes?"  "Crap."  "I'm tired."  "IS she ever going to stop coughing?"  "Please God, if you're hearing this right now, just help her stop coughing so I can get to sleep."  (Yea, because seriously, at 3:30 in the morning, when you've had an hour or less of sleep, that's what it's about.)  

It's especially fun if you're camping in a cabin with 24 other people, which brings me to rite of passage #188, Camping with the Scouts....  which is where we were when Colleen suddenly went from "a kid with a cough" to "A KID WITH A COUGH".  So, the good news is that I have a wicked good pediatrician who prescribed some steroids so we could finish out our day at camp (I waited until 8am to call).  The bad news is, it's walking pneumonia.  We've called her summer camp and pushed her back to another week so she can chill out, rest, heal her lungs, etc and so forth.  In the meantime, here's a quick re-cap of "camping with the scouts"....

We ate s'mores (well, they ran out of graham crackers, so I ended up eating plain raw marshmallows, but the kids made Hershey/melted marshmallow sandwiches...), went swimming (the kids went swimming), did crafts (while I was at the pharmacy), climbed a 40 ft rock wall (I actually did that one, and well I might add), did archery (and it turns out I'm pretty good at this too), took a barn tour (saw Sparky), rode on a trail ride and went canoeing (Colleen and I also rocked out this activity).... and then, we packed up and came home.  I know, we missed the camp fire and breakfast, but we still had fun and Colleen got to cough in the privacy of her own home and i had another night of prayerful wakefulness.  Did I mention that I'm so tired I can't move?  

ANYhoo- here are some photos from the weekend!

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