Friday, June 12, 2009

is it really today?

I can't for the life of me figure out where the school year went.  On one hand, it was the looooongest year for G, since we didn't really love Mrs. Flower.  On the other hand it was a short year for Colleen since we loved her teacher, Mrs. North.  I blog-named her Mrs. North, in honor of Glenda (or Galinda) the good witch.  Here we are, it's day 180, and the kids are home from school for the summer.  I can do math, but I don't really want to calculate how many days of summer break there really are...  I will tell you that by August 20th I'm usually in the boat of "summer break is too long!" and "when does the school year start?"

Probably it was 5 months ago we punished C for lying by taking all her toys out of her room.  She kept being on the verge of getting them back, when we'd catch her in another lie.  So today, she came home with honor roll and I asked her, if she could "do one thing to celebrate having such a good report card, what would it be?"  She asked for all her toys back, and I agreed to it.

Gregory's report card was "ok", but frankly since H and I both wanted to tell Mrs Flower to F'off for the past 4 weeks or so, when he showed his OK report card we just celebrated like it was great and asked him what he wanted to do...  Tomorrow we're going to a theme park.  Which is also fine.

C is upstairs playing in her room with all her new toys.  B is upstairs napping.  G is upstairs, doing something?  Who cares!  The house is quiet for probably the last time this summer vacation.  Seriously, it's 10 weeks of bickering, arguing, "he said/she said", "don't wake B!", "hey, does anyone want to go to the pool?", TV watching on rainy days, craft making, summer camp attending, and traveling up and down the eastern sea board.  Should be fun.  And tiring.

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