Friday, December 31, 2010

Don't Tempt me with Impossible

Today I am going to attempt the impossible.

I will write a clever blog post about Next Years Goals.  Oh, I know, it sounds like an impossible task, but, it would be truly out of character if I didn't try.

I suppose it would be logical to see how I did last year.

Keep the 4.0 and apply to/get accepted into nursing school.  check. and check.

stop cussing.  ~about. that.~
start back writing again... and...
donate my hair.... oh crap!  Total fail on personal goals.  My hair was rejected - it's too weak.  and... SEE ABOVE NOTE ABOUT 4.0 on FAIL regarding writing book again.

Eat Clean - you know what?  I'm not a fail.  I'm not a pass.  We still eat OREOs... sometimes, we also eat vegetarian and organic when we can - which is a lot more than we used to... I've eaten 1 salad per day for most of the past month.  And, seriously, imagine what I would look like if I hadn't done that.

Run Goals...  from last year included run with good form and increase my weekly milage.  I'm going with a Fail/Pass on that.  My form is good if Greg Roth is staring at me when I'm running up and down hills in Rain Tree... if he's not... well, then photography shows its a crap shoot.  As in, my form is crap if there's a camera to shoot it.  And increase weekly milage - snicker snicker... if you'd told me in January that I would run not one but THREE 50 mile weeks, or ever log 28 miles in 3 days, I would tell you to stop. smoking. crack.  But I did both of those things, and so much more.  And finally, run 1000 miles.  I exceeded that by, well, a lot.

Lose 5 pounds.  Well, just like Bridget Jones - I lost 5 pounds, and gained 5 pounds.  Making my weight today the same as it was on this day last year.  wow.

SO - forward and onward...

IN 2011 -

Don't get hurt. (form)
Keep Swimming. (Cross)
Run Further. (keep milage base)
Survive Nursing School. (keep milage base)
Run More Miles (no number, I'm not going to limit myself)
Achieve at least one GBA PR. (add intensity/core work to routine)
Lose the 5 pounds again, preferably before November. (count calories, keep them pure)


Anonymous said...

Great goals. Nursing school is tough but so worth it (from what I hear). Best of luck!
Check out my giveaway if you have a chance :)
Happy New Year!

Julie said...

Loved the crap shoot explanation :-)

Great goals!

Pam said...

Yeah, I should probably work on that cussing thing too...

Congrats on your awesomely successful 2010, G!

Here's to an equally amazing 2011!

MCM Mama said...

Congrats on your awesome 2010! I've enjoyed sharing it with you and can't wait to cheer you on as you and Tonia kick the National Marathon's a$$.

LOL at the five pounds. This is the first year where I didn't lose fivish and gain fivish - I just stayed steady. I think my body has decided it likes this weight and I may just go with that. ;o)

Looking forward to watching you excel in 2011!

Anne said...

You did it...this post was very clever. Great review and new goals post! You are amazing and you will do great with your goals in 2011, I just know it!

Happy New Year to you and your family G...I wish you good health and of course injury-free running in 2011!

Jen said...

I like your mentality. I am glad I read your list before putting my to paper! Good luck girl... and I am slightly hurt that no goal was to meet your "sista from anther mista" seriously... we are too alike! Please meet me... at some point. Maybe it isn't on your goal list because it is so going to happen.

P said...

Too bad you didn't make it your goal to be galactically bada** this year, because that would be a pass for sure!!
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

Good wishes for 2011!

Melanie said...

You are witty, funny and all around AWESOME!! So wish you ladies lived in driving distance..

hugs to 2011