Saturday, January 1, 2011


Sorry Alex, my apologies, I really don't know what you called your 5K.  I'm calling mine the PU5K.

Yes, that's P.U., not a PR, because I didn't even TRY for a PR.  I'd tell you why, and you might think the reason is funny, but it'snot.

Weather was a balmy 50 degrees so I dressed in a technical T and my cheetah skirt.  Tradition demands that I wear my cheetah skirt for my New Years Day race.

AND, before we start, I think I should point out that I finished in the top 10 and won my age class.

well.  yea.  actually after I was dressed and ready to run, I looked around and determined that I needed some competition company.

I ran a PU of 32:27...  and here's how the race shook down.

I was an elite today, escorted by 2 bike pacers.

We took out like a bunch of crazies, tearing down our neighborhood streets (mile 1, 9:10), losing our walkers (stroller, old dog and H) right away, across a bridge to the edge of the lake (mile 2, 9:19), and as we were rounding back onto the side walk at somewhere around 2.6 miles, I looked down at my sweet and dear black and tan mutt and said, "um, let's not kill the dog today." so, we walked home.


Jen said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

ERG said...

Great race! And you were the overall winner too!? right?

I'm a mom of 3 too.
Followed you over from fit to run for fun at the moment. :)

I love the cheetah skirt! Where'd you get that?

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fancy nancy said...

Love it! Isn't warm weather in January awesome!?!