Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Disconnect

Today was my Sunday long run.  I love the long run because, in theory, you are supposed to take the speed a bit slower, makes for a more relaxing experience.  Just out for a few hours of casual convo w/ the posse right?

Today's run, however, wasn't exactly relaxing.

For starters, I had a mild panic attack before the run when IronJ, a runner who is never late and had confirmed yesterday, didn't show.  It's out of character, and I texted and phoned... no answer.  At that point, I worried she was in the wrong start location due to a clerical error on my part.

3L was on time though, and after waiting 5 minutes for IronJ we hit the road.  We were going to go a nice easy pace.  Um.  Well, we'll just go with, "We suck at that."

The foot started hurting at mile .4...  No, that's a little un-truth.  The foot started aching at step 1.  It started hurting at mile .4

At mile 3ish, out of total randomness that comes from living in a small city, we ran into SpeeDee and MCM and that was a fun diversion.  They're two HCB runners, and SpeeDee made me laugh so hard I thought I was going to cry.  SpeeDee, I love you.  And, um, you need to do a review of those running tights... I'm just sayin'.

We ran with them until they turned, seeing no reason to veer off their course & away from their (hilarious) company, then adjusted our route and got back on track.  All the way up until the road we were running on was closed.

Mentally I was just trying to hold it together as I felt marathon sized fears of the worst taking over because my foot was in a lot of pain.

Adjusted route again, and back up the hill, and back up the next hill... and gosh i didn't notice we were running down hill the entire first 5 miles, but apparently we were.

At some point on this run I thought to myself "3L is a very wise woman.  I feel very lucky to have her in my life".

At mile 9ish we saw a runner who looked a lot like Q...  but to be honest, my mental strength was fading and I could barely get out a wave in time.

I was concentrating on form, and making sure my foot landed square on each step.  It didn't help with the pain, but then, I don't think anything was going to help except to sit down and ice it.

At mile 9.55 we were supposed to pick up another runner, Art, but ~sigh~ she was at the wrong location.  So we kept going to add our 3.45 miles to make 13.

We pushed through to mile 11... at that point I called parcheesi -  we finished at 12 miles.

Art met us at the finish, and a cup of coffee later we were all feeling a little less freaked out about the whole missed meet up "thing".  I was afraid to set my foot on the ground when we got up to leave.  It didn't hurt though.  It ONLY hurts when I run.  My quads, however, they hurt... plenty.

Tomorrow I rest.

And I hope that tomorrow's holiday will allow enough time for me to sit down and write up a little bit about my first week of school.  I'm sorry, for you long time blog readers, SRG is not in any of my classes, but we have new entertainment - Thing1 and Thing2, two very (very) young and cute boys ARE in my BIO class, and they are most definitely blog worthy.


joan said...

i'm so sorry i missed the run and caused the pre-run confusion. i'm sorry your run was tough! relax and try (or not try, just do) to enjoy your rest day!! joan

Pam said...

We all know we're not supposed to run through pain, right? Why do we never listen to ourselves?

Can't wait to hear about the Things!

Jen said...

I can pretend to be interested in your fankle... but really, T1 and T2 have caught my attention. I cannot wait for more.

I am praying for your fankle though!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I can't believe you ran 12 miles in pain. Be careful. (okay I'd do it but I'm stupid!)