Monday, January 17, 2011

Thing 1 & Thing 2

Dear Biolabuds I really do miss you,
But there are classes to take which I must follow through,
And so I arrived, on Wednesday without you, for Lab class
There I choose my seat next to a lovely, shy lass.
Why was she here, at this seat in particular?
And then my eyes moved... perpendicular...
and I laid eyes on my Biology 102 Crew
...and so I will call them: Thing 1 and Thing 2

The children puppies students in my BIO102 class seem really young.  I don't know why they seem so much younger than my BIO101 group.  But they really are...  young.  Our first night at class the prof went over the syllabus and then we opened our lab manuals and got to work.

Lab 1 was "identifying epithelial cell types & muscle cell types through a microscope".

You know what's WAY awesome about having already taken Anatomy & Physiology?  I learned to identify epithelial cell types, and muscle cell types through a microscope.

Lab 1 was quick for me and my partner.  The very shy girl I worked with & I zipped through it in no time flat.  (I think I need to name her Sally - isn't that the name of the girl in the Cat in the Hat book?)  Sally hopped up, turned hers in and left.  Ooooooh Kay.  I re-read through mine and then really looked at the two cuties working across from me.

The first one is dark haired, olive skinned, with a definite Italian American look to him.  Broad shouldered, good looking, with a Tom Cruise nose and a pair of intelligent looking eyes.

The second one is leaner, also dark haired, lighter skin with sharp angular face, a nose as straight as an arrow, with heavy brows... his dark eyes were rimmed with thick black lashes.  Mediterranean bone structure maybe, also traffic stopping good looks.

To be clear, if I were a single girl, aged 22/23, I would have told the 34 year old mom of 3 to GET OUT OF MY SEAT.  As it was, all of the girls in the class seem really intimidated by these boys.  Well dude, I'm not afraid of 2 teenagers.

T1 & T2 were really struggling with the assignment, so I threw them a bone and helped them out a little, talking them through muscle cell striations and how to tell cardiac apart from smooth muscles.  They were really sweet and appreciative, and then in all our chatting the conversation took an amusing turn when I mentioned having been out of high school for "quite a while".

T2 - "How old are you?"

me - "Ah, no."

T2 - "OK, guess how old I am."

me- "22/23" and then I pegged T1 with a look, "23/24".  (I was wrong, he was 27)

"So you're what?  24/25?"  I started to laugh.  And T1 says, "OK, so you're what, maybe 27 at the most.  That's not that much older than me."

Still chuckling.  "I have an 11 year old child.  And didn't have her when I was 14 or 15.  No boys, I'll be 35 this semester."

That crashing sound you heard last wednesday evening was the sound of T2's jaw actually smacking the lab bench his mouth was hanging open that far.  T1 was a little cooler, being the older one of the group.  And he gives me his best nod/brow raise that probably gets the young girls all a fluttery and says all smooth-like, "yea?  well, you still look good."

(no time to proof, sorry for typos!  g'night all!)


Stephany said...

what a total compliment!!!
You go hot momma! ;)

Heather -Momma Running Amok said...

lol that was great...a little eye candy never hurt anyone. I live about 1/2 mile from the spring training complex for the Marlins and the Cardinals and those youngins are out there for about 12 hours a day from Feb-April and suddenly my runs tend to head thata way during those harm no foul...

24/or must have a "baby face" and I am JEALOUS

Anonymous said...

lol! That's great!

Alanna said...

Awesome! Now see if you can get them to consent to pictures... ;p

Jen said...

SWEEEEET! I am really going to love this semester thru your blog. YUM-EEE!

MCM Mama said...

Excellent! Eye candy is awesome!

joan said...

that's funny! has to make you feel a little bit more gba!

momof3 said...

I really believe that they just don't have any kind of idea what a person looks like at 35. And honestly, I don't look THAT young, I just think that young "boys" don't really look past "headlights" and I own a really nice bra from Victoria's Secret that gives the illusion that things are where they were when I was 20.

fancy nancy said...

So funny!!! Way to wow them!!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Marathon running: The new fountain of youth!

jilliusc said...