Thursday, January 13, 2011

Freakin' Kidding ME?

So today starts the litany of tests for my Klingon.  And then tomorrow we see another specialist.  Next week another.  My health insurance company loves me & my kid...

I really needed a good hard run.

Needed it.  Not wanted it.  Not craved it.  Needed.

Woke up this morning, couldn't fully bear weight on my ankle without pain.  It was a shock, I hopped out of bed as usual, and POW!  But, I'm stupid desperate dedicated so I went out to run anyway.

At mile .2 my ankle hurt.  But by mile 1 it was MUCH feeling better so I decided to go ahead and finish the run.


I bailed after 4 miles, and would have bailed before then but there was no way to get back, and walking hurts just as much as running.

Freaking awesome.


fancy nancy said...

Oh no!!! I know that feeling when you need to run or you're going to explode! I hope things go well today with the tests and you are on the mend!

Jen said...

UGH.... I hate this. I am praying for you. Take it easy, do some stretchy and quit wearing 6 inches heels to Nursing School!

Heather -Momma Running Amok said...

we are leading the same life right now...just thought I woud let ya know! We are headed to the neurologist this morning...a nice 1 hour drive each way with both kids. ( I am already bribing my 4 year old who doesn't have school today with whatever he wants as long as he SITS STILL during the appointment for his 2 year old brother.) On the flip side...I woke up yesterday with this un godly pain going down my right ride of my right foot. NO CLUE what I did...I ran on it yesterday...5 miles...feeling pain the whole time and by last night I was stuck on the couch. Kinda freaking out since I have Marathon number uno in 17 days. Hope everything goes well at the appointments!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

You've got to be kidding me. This is not good.

Julie D. said...

oh crap. hopefully, its just a one day fluke and you'll be fine tomorrow.