Wednesday, January 12, 2011

excuses are for wimps.

I was all set to shake up my fitness routine in 2011.  Yup.  I did a little research into what might help make me a better runner.

All the evidence pointed to core strengthening.

I did a little more research.  More evidence pointed to losing a few pounds.

Which I totally enjoyed the benefits of when I ran the marathon, the 10 miler and the 5K at my lightest weight in years.  If 5 pounds makes THAT huge of a difference, imagine what another 5 pounds would do?  So, how do I lose a few pounds... Aha!  Strength training.

So I poked a friend about her workout, and, through the randomness that followed found a group workout that is 9 minutes away from my house, at a time of day I like to workout (sure, 5:30 IS the best time of day isn't it?), and I know one of the women who does this group looks like... well... you know my joke about becoming a victoria's secret model when I "grow up"?  Yea, pretty much like THAT.  And because I'm married I'll refrain from commenting about the appearance of the guy I know who does the class - but I think that probably says enough.

Anyway - I was ALL set to go, looking forward to it, and immediately, I got sick.

And then a week later, I got all my childhood vaccinations re-done for Nursing School - and felt too funky and sore the next morning to try out a new program.

So here we are - several weeks later.  And no new fitness routine has been attempted.

This morning was going to be THE DAY.  No excuses.  None.  Yea.  Tell that to the 1/4 inch of ice all over my car, driveway and roads (causing a cancelation of the workout group).

Excuses are for wimps.

SO next week... there will be no freakin' excuses.

Unless it snows.


ERG @ Elkton Runner said...

I hear ya! I started back at strength training and it is helping...I hope....but I am sore afterwards (one-two days later) and I am just hoping to get used to it soon.

Jen said...

LOL... too funny.

fancy nancy said...

Each week I say this is the week...You'll get it in. Oh and that early in the morning is the best!

Pam said...

I second this post. Everything about it. I've made it to my new spin class exactly ONE time this year so far. Something (or someone) has hindered me every time. I haven't even run since Sunday. I suck.