Sunday, January 2, 2011

1000 (plus) miles in pictures

 January 5 miles
1.5 of which I ran in Bermuda, with my BFF Bart Yasso & T, of course.
In February we were measuring the snow in feet, or "depth of snow in relation to height of Mutt", which ever made it easier to communicate that it was CRAZY.  I did my first run over 3 miles, and totaled 27 miles for the month!  
Kate, T, SpeeDee, g. and Fay.

 March - Father Daughter Dance Chaperone - with my other Bestie Ann.  At the end of the month I race a 1 second PR while trying NOT to race.  54 Miles for the month.

April - Pink & I got a bike lesson from SpeeDee.  With some hard work and determination, I achieved 100 miles for April!
Pink & I probably need a couples counselor at this point, our relationship is really bad.

May- V, T, & G - kicking asphalt for Autism (i.e. a 5K PR), a *virtual half marathon PR on my 34th Birthday, and 117 miles for the month.

June... T joined me for a day on Pink Nation... 
which I thought was going to be a good fit for me, but it was Snot.  

I also ran raced a 17.75K with T & MCM, and logged a bunch of miles... 
like... 129 miles worth of miles.

July, the Half & Half virtual race start - G, DeNiece, Kty & T.  
Yea, its that dark b/c it's that early.  148 miles.
 The Big D.
158 miles
2... 6.... 10 miles at a time.
and...  the Pink Power Tri
September's "oh, quick let's get a photo" photo looks a LOT like the August pre-race pic... and a super sweet 186 miles!

 October... well, I am wearing a running skirt at least in the photo.  Not big on photos in Oct, probably because I was too busy running 194 miles.  And going a little crazy on Taper Island.  AND completing the 1000 Miles!

November's SNOT Fun Run was, well, one of the best runs I have ever done with my posse.  I cherish it as one of my truly fondest memories of the year.  We had no time goals, no pace, no reason to do anything but have fun.  It was ~sigh~ everything you'd ever want in a run.
Following Saturday I ran my GBA Marathon.  It's tough to know what was more fun, running the race, achieving the PR, realizing that it was GBA, or coining the phrase, "GBA".
December was awesome.  On Friday 12/3, I talked to my bro, and then I channeled his Galactic Awesomeness and ran a GBA 10 miler.  I was SO glad that Joan was there to share it with me.  Or, was I there sharing her "Comeback" race with her?  Hard to say...  on a side note, it was Joan who was with me in October when I actually crossed the 1000 mile mark.

December's GBA Girls at the Toys for Tots 5K


Jen said...

I felt like I ran the whole year with you.... awesome way to post 1000+ mile recap.

ERG said...

What an amazing year! 1000+ rocks!!!
I loved the photo essay :)

Thank you SO much for getting back to me about your cheetah skirt =D

I am a follower now!

Alex said...

Sorry about your PU! What a cute puppy! Is he new?

What do you use to keep up with your mileage?

Liz said...

love it!

fancy nancy said...

Way to go on 1000!!! I would love to pick your brain about the Bermuda race! It's on my bday and I want to do the Bermuda Triangle every year!

joan said...

loved the picture recap of your 1000 (plus) miles in 2010! lots of good memories, pr's, gba-ness, etc for you this year!


ps - i loved the santa 10-miler, too! (still proud of you!)

Wifey said...

WOW! GREAT pics to recount a GREAT year. Congrats and cheers to an even better 2011!

Winks & Smiles,

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Wonderful 2010 recap! I love seeing all the photos. What an amazing year you have had! I can't wait to see what you do in 2011.

varunner said...

What a fun recap! Awesome pictures! Here's to PRing in the half in 2011. I technically have 'another' PR in the half from when I was doing a marathon when I was much faster, but I'm trying not to think about that one, LOL!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Love the pictures.. Funny in the second June picture it looks like you have a spot light on you.

Great year, great style, great photos.. HUGS!!

Julie D. said...

best year in pictures ever!! and your GBA marathon picture?! best marathon picture ever.