Friday, April 30, 2010

April Recap, which I don't normally do...

April Recap/Stats:

Today I dropped my kiddos w/ TMB and ran 3 miles... just so I could log my *ONE HUNDRED MILES for the month.  (*that's in the Austin Power's Dr. Evil voice, incase you wondered)

Miles Planned/Ran: planned???  Nope, no plan/ONE HUNDRED MILES.

Highest Mileage Week: 30 M

Current Book: "Anatomy & Physiology of the Human" Chapters 1 - 11.  Sexy, eh?  But also, the "J.R. Ward" Vampire Smut of the Brotherhood... omg... so naughty, and so nice all at the same time.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: See above note, JR Ward... V... it's all bad.

Current Colors:  Pink.  Not that THAT is new, but since all my good running socks are pink, and I've been running a fair bit this month, I think, well, yea, PINK is the color.

Current Obsessions: See above note, JR Ward... V... it's all bad.

Current Drink: Iced Coffee or Water.

Current Song: ... I need some new music.

Current Wish-List: Have you ever visited the website?

Current Need: An extra 24 hours between today and Final Exam part 1 on Monday May 3.

Current Triumph: 100 miles in ONE MONTH!

Current Bane of my Existence: iTunes has decided that all my music is "bandit", and that I need to re-enter my password every time I want to play a song.  Really?  Why?

Current Goal: Run with Good Form.

Current Indulgence: There Cannot BE a current indulgence, since I used up all my Indulgence "credit" in March.

Current Blessing:  My BFF & her understanding that 3 kid free miles isn't JUST 3 miles, and D, who I feel blessed to just know, and my kids, of course, because if I leave them off I think lightening will strike the house.

Current Excitement: ALL the tools that have recently been bestowed upon me by the NEW Running Coach in my life!

Hope May is JUST as fun as April!!!  And honestly, I probably won't be back until Finals are OVER, on May 5th at 9:40pm... not that I'm counting the minutes, but that's when they officially end.


Laurie said...

Good luck with finals!

Anne said...

Great list :)
Good luck...but, who needs it, you are going to ace those exams!!

S Club Mama said...

good luck with your finals!
And is that why my stupid iTunes asks for my password every time I open it? Because I burnt some CDs from high school (which, I'll be honest, probably has some bandit music on them :S)

Anne said...

That's impressive to hit 100 miles for the month with everything you've got going on.