Friday, April 16, 2010

The B-Ridge & Why I'm going to die young

Let me introduce you to my B-Ridge.  She is a small person, with a HUGE personality trapped inside.  She cannot stand still.  Need proof?  

Here is the concentration she exerts when trying to remain still for a photograph.
painful to look at, eh?

But yesterday, while I was multitasking (aka - managing homework w/ 2 older kids, reading a trashy smut novel, talking with my mother on the phone while making dinner) my youngest walked silently out the back door, put on her bike helmet and rode her princess bike to her "breast frens" house.  Fortunately her friends house is 3 houses away, and the mom saw the whole thing go down... as well as me shooting out my back door like a rocket about 2 minutes later.

So we know a cat has 9 lives, right?  How many lives does a Mom get?  Because I have used 3 up on the B-Ridge already, and I just want to know about how many I have left.


Allie said...

I know, my kids give me at least 2 heart attacks a week.

Jen said...

Woah.... tie her down, girlfriend. Is that illegal?

Anne said...

Hmmmm would she by any chance be the one that's most like her mommy! Curious, smart, creative, likes to move and great at multi-tasking :)

S Club Mama said...

LOL just wait, I remember what I was like as a teenager....:S

running encouragement is always welcome!! thanks for thinking of us though.

Chele said...

they need those electronic fence collars like you can use on dogs, it would be much safer and most kids would only require a zap or 2

RunHapi13 said...

I can't wait until she starts dating...then we will see how many lives S has! Hang tough G!