Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

Because the Catholics & Episcopals have invented the most awesome thing called Saturday Church, I ... have the day off today.

so, i slept in. till 6am. because, i am apparently hard-wired to wake up at 6am. UHG! Then I came downstairs and realized that the house is exactly the way I left it yesterday. There are no new dishes in the sink, on the coffee table, and no clothes/toys/books strewn about the floor.

And now, I'm going for a run with TMB. (who wrote the most beautiful post up about her wedding, you should go look at it on racingwithbabes)

AND then, after my 7 miles, I'm going for a ride. With PINK. And EVEN BETTER than attempting a ride with PINK alone, we have a DOUBLE DATE with BitsNpiecesofme & her bike, Trina, AS well as her training partner & her bike, Petunia.

I think it's hilarious that everyone names their bikes. I had no idea when I assigned the name PINK to my bike that it would stick. If I'd known PINK was going to end up with a name, I might have named her something better. I always hated it when I knew someone growing up who was given a brown puppy and they named the puppy Brownie.

It's going to be an AWESOME DAY!!! Because when I get home from my ride... the house is STILL GOING TO BE in the same condition!!!

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Chele said...

I hope you have a great day. Thought I don't have kids, I feel you on the house thing... the dogs never leave it the same.

ps: my first dog was brown, and named Brownie :)