Saturday, April 24, 2010

Race-iversary 5K De Ja Vous

Every year I run the ASK 5K.

And for the most part, every year I am pleased with my race.

Except, this year, not as much.  It didn't suck.  I mean, it was a 5K, so it sucked in the way a 5K sucks to someone who prefers distances more than 6 miles.  Here's the run down of the run.

I set a few goals:

  • Race a 26:21 or better.  
  • Finish strong on the uphill by Dillards (the first half of the race is down, the second half of the race is back up.  It's not steep, just long).
  • Don't go out too fast.
SO, the goals were set, I met up with Carla.  Life was good.  The race started and I looked at my watch, a 7:22...  NOPE, the goal is to not start too fast.  So I choked back on my speed.  

And UNDER ran the first mile by 9ish seconds.  Uh.  Oh.  THIS is a 5K.  It's going to be hard to make up 10 seconds Running. Up. Hill.  But I was going to do it.  (mile 1 8:29).

I caught up some of my lost seconds (3 to be specific) in mile 2.  (mile 2 8:22)

Then, I made a rookie mistake of not checking my watch on the longish up hill, which means when I did look at my watch at mile 3, I knew I was screwed.  I lost a lot of time.  A LOT.  (mile 3 8:47)  I had hoped for an 8:20, an 8:25 (b/c of the hill at mile 1.8), an 8:30 (b/c of the hill on mile 2.5 - 3).  I feel that I ran hard, but I know I could have squeaked a little more out of that hill if I'd pushed a little harder.

SPRINT a 6:50 pace with a "best pace of 5:08".  I'd like to THANK CARLA for the 5:08, because I know it was when we were racing at the end.

Finish time.  26:31.  Exactly what I raced this same 5K in last year.  To the second.

(and to be fair, Carla out-sprinted me by 1 second there at the end.  You GO girl).


MCM Mama said...

Still not a bad time though. Good run!


See you are still fast! How did C do?

Anne said...

I dream of running a 5K that fast! Of course I understand about wanting to improve on last year's time, but sounds like you had fun nonetheless :)

RunHapi13 said...

I am so proud of you, no matter your time. You ooze passion and enthusiasm! Love it!