Sunday, April 11, 2010

An Open Letter to Sleep

Dear Sleep,

I miss you, please come home.

When we're apart, I feel groggy, disoriented, and slow.  I struggle to think of words that would normally come zinging off the tip of my tongue, and I know it's because we are apart.  My spelling and grammar suffer, and my creativity fades into nothingness.  Further more, my attention span, already teetering on the edge of becomes... what was I saying?

Oh right:  Please, just reconsider your relocation to, well, wherever it is you've gone, and return to me.  I promise never to take you for granted again.

With love,
Neurotic Mom of 3


Erica said...

i hope sleep finds you soon!

Anne said...

Ugh...still struggling with that I see...I really hope things get back to normal soon. Hugs ((()))

Anne said...

Catching up on all of your back posts. My, you've been busy (and apparently hang with an interesting crowd at school).

We've had several significant earthquakes here, most in the middle of the night. Nothing causes you to lose sleep than going to bed hoping you don't die or need to be rescued in a ratty T-shirt and w/o a bra!

Chele said...

If it answers, can you send it may way?

Jen said...

Thank you for getting that memo. We're connected through a more powerful source.

I will pray for you to get some sleep. I try writing down all of my thoughts to get them out of my head sometimes. It helps.