Saturday, April 10, 2010

"6" Things Saturday

I missed wordless Wednesday.  And Then I missed 3 Things Thursday AND Five Things Friday.  How is this possible?  Have I become a BLOG LOSER?  Maybe.... but maybe, I have a good enough reason, so we'll just go about our business so you can decide.

6 THINGS Saturday, my week in review:
3) Wanna Smoke some POT?
5) Awesome early RUN!
6) ALGEBRA & imaginary numbers

To be clear, family home, traveling, or not, Monday was without a doubt, the weirdest day in my life since 1999.  No, truly.

For starters I (slight throat clearning), um, failed a test. Yea, uh, it was a computer competence exam and now I have to retake it.  And if I fail it again, I have to take another college class to get out of school.  It kinda sucks, on many many levels.

Then, I was kinda pissed off/shocked to the core when I walked out of the building in my khaki shorts and pink v-neck t-shirt... so when the 18 ish looking wanna be rap star gave me the ole' head nod, I did not give him the "go to he**" look I normally reserve for smoking teenagers who give me the once over.  Maybe I didn't respond because, frankly, it's been a while since someone that age even looked in my direction.  I just sort of ignored it.  Which he apparently took as an invitation into my personal space because as I approached the door to enter the science building, he stepped in front of me and said, "So... are you a teacher here?"  "No." and THEN I gave him the, get out of my way look.  And his response was, "Yea, you- uh- want to teach me somethin'?"  What!  Really Dude?  I have been out of highschool as long as you've been alive.  Should I take it as a compliment that the piece of cougar bait thought I would make a good "teacher"?  Or, should I feel a little ill?

Then, as if Things weren't weird enough, I got invited back to (a person's) house to smoke some really great pot.

I've never smoked pot.  I'm asthmatic.  I'm a marathoner.  But, it was a really nice offer, so, Thanks again... but, no thanks.

After a late night studying, I got up first thing Tuesday, went for a run with T, and then I took my Nursing School Entrance Exams... and kicked BOOTY.  Did I mention, BOOTY KICKING???  Booty has been kicked.  I needed a 45 on reading & a 45 on math, I got an 86 on reading and an 86 on math.  ((And I was awarded a stiletto award - that's going to have to be dealt with tomorrow or Monday)).  And at some point that day I got a call from H.  The Beige Mini-Van was in the shop in MA.  They were staying an extra day.

 By Wednesday morning I had successfully read 2 books for pleasure, and studied Algebra for 6 hours.  And I felt prepared so I took my Math Exit Exam, and while I didn't KICK BOOTY by definition, I did successfully execute the exit of Math.  So, yay for that.  Math is done.  But, just a little gripe here, I would have scored higher on that test if I had reviewed imaginary numbers.  Just sayin'.

By Thursday - I realized that I was really lonely for my family.  As therapy I took another early morning run with T.  And then I took stock of what my life would be like without a family and here's where things stand:
  • there is no place in the "single" world for a crock pot the size of mine.
  • I'm a pretty clean person, except not about my laundry.  I like a clean house, but don't care if the hampers is piled 4 miles high.  I did do all my running laundry though, and did you know I have 10 running skirts?  Really.  10.  When did THAT happen?
  • I don't have a problem sticking to my diet when living in a completely non-stress environment. (I often wonder that, I am the freak who has no problem losing weight on vacation)
  • Ah, reading for pleasure, I remember you!  How I've missed you & our time together!
  • I don't know how to make coffee for ONE. Do you need some coffee? C'mon over, the pot is probably half full...
  • I love to cook, normally. However, I apparently only love to cook for an audience, as demonstrated by my lack of cooking in the past 5 days. Most of the time I can only be bothered to toss fruit and veggies into my blender with some ice for consumption through a straw.
  • Apparently my meat aversion is genuine, and I really don't care for meat.  The entire time my family was gone I had 2 servings of meat and 1 serving of fish.  And never felt deprived.
  • On the drive to the grocery store I discovered that playing the punch-buggy game in the car is not any fun when you're alone.
  • I cannot sleep past 6:10am and enjoyed the luxury of getting up to run in the mornings without the stress of worrying about getting everybody up, ready, and out the door.
All things said, my family is home safe now, and I'm glad to have them back.  Hope everyone had a great week, and I'll be back with some random humor soon enough.  

Really though, how am I going to top cougar bait and pot smoking?


    Anne said...

    You definitely take the "most interesting anecdotes of the week" award :)
    Congrats on kicking booty woman!! As for that "other"'ll pass :)

    MCM Mama said...

    Glad your family is back home.

    That was definitely one hell of a week. glad you got a pass and kicked some booty.

    Erica said...

    Hot stuff!! Great job on your nursing exams!! and wow a whole week to yourself! I think I would go nutty!