Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tri to Love

It isn't L.O.V.E.  OR even love.  Heckfireandshoot, this isn't even, "like you enough to get your phone number".  I'm not even sure we can be FACEBOOK FRIENDS.  Yea, Begining Tri Training Plan, I'm just not feelin' it, you know?  It's not me, it's you.

Sorry, but no matter how much I browse, I am NOT in love with any of the tri-training plans that I am shopping for my tri in August.  Why is that?  Well, mostly because they call for things like "biking every week"... more than once.  I know, it's hard to love something you don't love, and I need to suck it up.  I just don't know if it's the bike (sorry PINK) or something else, but it's hard to love biking for 42 minutes every Thursday- because I don't.  

And if I bike for 42 minutes on a Thursday, when did I have time to run?  I could move the bike to Wednesday, but that would eat into my swim time.  And Tuesday eats up another run day.  What about Monday?, you ask.  Well, don't be silly, that's a rest day because I was running for 2 hours on Sunday....

These training plans are so odd.  The ones I'm "shopping" assume you've been doing something physical, but I guess these people are bike lovers because they seem to assume that you would like to just be doing the cycling every Saturday for hours, when, let's be honest, that's so NOT something a runner will do.  For example one of the plans I'm looking at calls for 42 minutes of biking on Wednesday and (brace yourselves here runners) 15 minutes of running on Thursday.  

Hello, why would anyone worth their salt lace up their Brooks for a 15 minute run?  
That's, well, to be blunt, effin' crAzy.

A thought that is tingling around in my head is that I might just do the TRI plan with 3 days a week running, ignore the "prescribed run amounts" and do whatever I like to do.  That way I would at least have enough running in each week to keep me off of any kind of D.T. symptoms.  Do I worry about doing too much?  Maybe, yea, a little.  But, at least I would be doing too much of the thing I love.

(yea, I'm an addict, & they say that admitting it's the first step.  but don't ask me to quit running, my marriage can't take it).


Anne said...

Hmmmm unfortunately tri does not mean running three times more :) Hope you start loving the bike, cause from what I've read, it's pretty much always the longest mileage in a tri!! Hang in there, you'll find the perfect training program.

RunHapi13 said...

Let's talk this week, I really think you are over thinking this. I believe we can come up with a compromise that will work out for you, Pink and the Brooks.

MCM Mama said...

LOL, this is why I'll never tri. I only have so much time in a week and I prefer to spend it running.

Hope you figure it out soon!

Jen said...

You are entering a new realm. Give your shoes a break... and follow the plan... you will be successful.

Of course I will need you to remind me when I start my Tri training.

Robyn said...

I know what you mean, I always feel like any day without a run isn't a good workout day.