Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Running Slower to Run Faster

I finally get it.  After talking with TMB for all of 20 minutes, the light switched on and I know where I've been wrong with the math before.  I always tried to apply the Run Slower To Get Faster theory to my training, and my pace was right on track.  So why wasn't I getting faster, even though I was running an easy 25 miles every week?

Duh, because to do what I want to do AND run slower to get faster, you have to run MANY MORE miles a week than 25-28.  Knowing how undertrained I was for the Marathon, it makes me appreciate how much worse I could have been hurt.  I'm going to really struggle to add those miles, but I know I can do more than I'm doing.  By the time Nov rolls around I'm going to have some kick a** base under my feet.

So enough with the killing myself over 8 miles and dragging my sorry a** up the driveway every Tuesday, I'm now going to run a little slower, so I can finish more miles comfortably.  And to start, this week, I'm adding 10% to every run.  That makes my 8 an "8.8", my 5 a "5.5", my 3 a... well, 3 b/c it's C's run with me, and my 10.75 a "12".

Happy Easy Running!


S Club Mama said...

I need to go over & read TMB's post on this. I'm slow....wonder if that gives me a foot up LOL jk

And I definitely run slower with my kids. That's heavy pushing.

Robyn said...

I'm so bad at following programs or advice like this when I know it's the right thing! Let me know if it works for you.

Anne said...

Sounds like a great plan :)