Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A GLARING Ommission

So as I was sending my H off to work today, I opened my mouth to mention something to him about the gym and marathon training, and suddenly thought, "Oh SNAP, I'm not sure he even KNOWS I'm running RIC this November."  Uh oh.  I better start priming him now, because it would be a disaster if he doesn't have a little while to prep himself, and a double disaster if he finds out from someone else first.

Obviously, he doesn't read the blog.

on other notes:  Word from the Half Iron Woman is that "I'm over thinking this" and to "just run my usual run schedule" only add "2 days of real biking in on the sides" along with "one swim... got that?"

Thanks SpeeDee, I will treasure your wisdom.  Because as much as I'm excited about doing a Sprint Tri & want to do well, the Tri Training over laps with a 17.75K race AND with my Marathon Training... which means that 12 - 30 minutes of running twice a week is NOT going to cut it.


S Club Mama said...

You don't have your email address posted so I can't email you back!
Can I just say that I appreciate your comment so much?
I know plunging into a marathon may not be the norm (or even a good idea??) but it's something I've been thinking about for a few years, wanting to do and not believing I could. Right now I believe I can do it. I am going to run 1-2 races (hopefully a 10K and 1/2) before the actual M-day so I know what it's like and am not totally blown away.
I know the training is going to be brutal, but I'm also not interested in PRs (although anything will be a PR LOL) or speed (although I am a bit tired of being sooo slow). I just want to finish. I am looking to be proud of myself every step of the way.
I know my goal is huge (probably more so than I'll realize until I finish) but I'm so excited. I'm taking it day by day, really.
So thank you. Your tough love wasn't so tough ;)

Thanks for saying you're proud of me. You don't know how much that means. :D

the tortise said...

Also...(VERY IMPORTANT)...don't dismiss or underestimate that 12-15 min run after the bike. In fact, never miss it. You don't really ever need to run the full distance after a ride but make sure every time you ride you run a bit after. We know you have the sprint race distance down pat, but its a different monster if your legs aren't prepared to run after the bike...

Jen said...

I told my husband I got into MCM and he said... but it is Halloween. I said not at 7am in the morning. I guess I will have a Jedi and princess at the finish line waiting for me.