Sunday, November 7, 2010


Dear Doubters of the Sports Backers MTT program...  Dude, you people don't even KNOW what you're missing...

This morning we met for a costumed 8 mile fun training run.  

 DeNiece, 3L, T, & g.
we were "road kill runners" and "super safety reflective runners" 
you can't see my blinky lights or my glow sticks, but they're all over me.

The directions included things like, Turn At: n. A small shrub bearing smooth skinned, fleshy edible fruit with a single hard shelled seed. Genus Prunus

As if that wasn’t fun enough, Q stood on the corners telling everyone which way to go... only, of course, he wasn’t exactly telling us accurate directions dressed all black and his very nicest JASON mask looking like a serial killer in running tights.

The directions sent us into and then out of the Hollywood Cemetery ... only, it was sort of up to us which way we used in and out again... we, stupidly, took the hilly route... or wait, are all the routes hilly?
But we were rewarded with this view once we reached the summit.

And then, we trekked back through the city... discussing the rules of running.  Don't break Rule #2, which is, "Don't get run over by a car."  Rule #1 has been previously discussed on this BLOG, and that is "Don't run in just a sports bra & no top unless you are 100% sure you can pull it off".  For the record, Q's pretty sure he can pull it off, but... 

Then Left at the “Spiciest Corner in Richmond” (despite Q’s insistence that we continue straight) and back to the stadium... where we had to chick about 4 guys with only a few feet left, and yea, they TOTALLY could have beat us, but it was still fun to chick them anyway!  

We arrived back at the stadium laughing and breathless... and I don't know if we were breathless because of the awesome pace, or if we were breathless from the laughter and fun.  
Seriously, I don’t know that I have ever laughed so hard on a run in my life!


Julie D. said...

How fun!

Rene' said...

That sounds really fun. What a great group you have!

Jen said...

I love it... running for the love of running. AWESOME!

varunner said...

Thanks for the comment this morning. Oh gosh, that looks like fun. I don't think it's ever occured to my running group to run in costume. That's a trip! :-)

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Sounds like a blast! Love the costumes!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

YOu are adorable!! Thank you so much for your comment. These past few weeks I have been VERY VERY down, which is so not me.. I NEEDED to tell a happy story because I want to make people smile..

Hugs to Taper madness.. Did you get the socks picked out??

Anonymous said...

Haha-Rule #1-thy shall not run...unless you can pull it off or you are visiting Myrtle Beach.