Monday, November 29, 2010

bubbles and brakes

In an effort to stay ONE with the Hamstring, I have decided to employ a rigorous cross training approach to the National Marathon Training schedule.  Because I hate my bike with a passion that burns as brightly as 10,000 suns am not a huge fan of my bike I've been swimming a lot.  Usually I get out in the pool like the galactic bada** that you all are familiar with.... it's nice to be good at something, and I don't suck at swimming.

Yea.  About.  That.

Todays swim was epically bad.

Like.  Epic.

As in, all I could see through my goggles was bubbles (read that and understand that bubbles are bad, they're like the red light on the back of the car.  If you all you can see is a wall of bubbles, you're applying your brakes while using the gas pedal).  So I tried to tweak my form.  And completely fell apart.  Enter the part where I gasped in a mouthful of H2O.  That was attractive, I'm sure.  The woman who isn't the life guard, but does actually work at the gym pool walked over to ask if I was "ok".

well.  yes.  other than feeling 1 inch tall.  "I'm fine".

I couldn't hold my form.

I couldn't hold pace... because I couldn't hold form.

I switched to back stroke, thinking that would help.  Um.  Yea.  I ended up having to do rifle drills to get my arms in sync.  I felt like a little beginner swimmer out there today.

sigh.  It's OK.   Because tomorrow is a new day. 


Rene' said...

and you had a great run this morning so it makes the bad swim go send me some running vibes so I will get on my treadmill today.

Julie said...

don't you hate when people see you doing something like that in the pool? I rammed my head into the end of the lane once while 5 people stared at me. Last night I tried to hold in a sneeze while in the middle of a lap. It had a catastrophic ending...
Your next swim will be better for sure!!