Thursday, November 4, 2010

Taper Island: Art Therapy

In class we were assigned a project that sounds so weird.  You take an everyday object, either with meaning or without, and you wrap it in cloth, or string, or, in my case, black duct tape.  I always have black duct tape in my car.  Incase of blister.

yea, I said it.

I chose an old shoe.

It's tied in duct tape, you can't see it's potential or even where it's been, but it's there none the less.  All the goodness and speed of that shoe are simply wrapped under a shell, waiting to be discovered.

Taper Madness claims another soul.  Or, sole.


Jen said...

You have a missed talent.... great job.

Anne said...

Perfect object choice!

BTW, about your previous post...I tend to do a happy dance in my head at the drop of a hint...but, save the cork popping for the no doubt :) Good Luck!!!!!!!!! Hope they don't keep you hanging much longer.


I love it!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

You are really talented!...and deep.