Tuesday, November 30, 2010

little helping hands

Today B-nut and I were making her second lunch, which consisted of (yea, don't you eat 2 lunches every day?)... which consisted of 1/2 a cucumber and a dozen or so grapes.  After the grapes were washed I put them on the table in a bowl for her to eat out of while I sliced the...

"I'll get the sharp knife!" B-nut says as she darts across the kitchen and pulls a HUGE knife out.


Just.  Excellent.

She's taller than I thought.

It's all good though.  No accidents to report.  Today


fancy nancy said...

Scary but safe to say I'm glad I'm not the only one! My little one has taken to a stool to look onto the counter...yesterday after I had cut up her grapes she said, "Here Mommy let's wash this" as she was brandishing the huge knife I used! OOOPS!!!

Shellyrm said...

My youngest has discovered the ability to carry his little chair through the house to aid in reaching new things!
Yeeeaah, new milestones are so cute. (not)