Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Best OF:

I was inspired recently to collect some of my "BEST OF NofSAHMof3" posts in one place, but that seems a little narcissistic, don't you think?

Well, probably, but here they are, none the less.

The Richmond Marathon 2009 edition - pour yourself a cup of coffee before reading this one, it's long.
ShamROCKED 2009 edition - my best race ever, where the planets aligned, the weather was perfect, and my father almost made it to see me finish.
Man Repellent - the most viewed/commented post of NofSahm ever...  and, as a follow up, it turns out we become friends.

An Open Letter to SRG - you know, she was a PITA, but dang, I do miss SRG for the entertainment factor alone.
The Trouble with Tuesdays - brought to you by the same girl who admitted to being under the influence while giving her presentation.
Lithium Vans - and why people over the age of 29 should think again before going back to college.

Other ramblings of ME ME ME and MOMMYHOOD!
Holiday History - probably the funniest true story in my life, though, it wasn't funny in the moment.
Red Ink and mad skills - An excerpt from an unpublished book.
The Name Game - B makes a new friend at Ballet.
100 mostly true things

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