Wednesday, November 24, 2010

BLUE Business

In my blue-ness I was thinking about my blog, and how much it has evolved over the past few months as I became completely obsessed with running and art, and how my blogging about mommy-hood has decreased.  Of course, this whole reflection was made at 7:45am as I was listening to Eminem's Business while driving my Beige Mini-van home from the grocery store- and who else but a MOM would be DONE grocery shopping that early?  *for the record, I was alone in the van. my 4 year old doesn't know the unlyrical lyrics just yet...

My beauty process today included brushing my hair, swiping my fingers under my eyes, and brushing my teeth, before dressing in running clothes.  I'm not wearing them because I was running, though.  I changed into clean running clothes after my run.  The reason I'm in running clothes is because A) my wardrobe is pitifully small and B) I had 15 minutes to make a 25 minute grocery run. C) it's the day before ThanksGiving and frankly... running clothes seemed appropriate.

As I was sprinting through the store grabbing bananas, milk and eggs, which, by the way, are as far away from each other in the 13 acre grocery store as physically possible, I'm certain I was looking a bit like a half crazed lunatic.

And out of the corner of my eye, I saw a magazine with Brad & Angie on the cover.

Ever since Angie and I were pregnant together, I feel a certain sisterhood to her, you know?  We're just alike.  Except that she's a 109 pound 6ft tall beautiful, rich, husband stealing, humanitarian, model-slash-actress married to Brad who can afford to hire 28 people to help with her mob of kids.

But, other than that, we're just alike.

We're moms who have the nerve to go to the store wearing no makeup and a scowl.

Of course, the true difference is that no one in Kroger is going to publicly criticize me for buying Frosted Fruity Oh's for my sick child because she's miserable and I thought, "Oh, I'll buy something she doesn't normally get so she can have some calories."  Sure, someone might quietly look in my cart and think, why would she buy that crap, but they're not going to publish it on a cover of anything.

But my life is like Angie's - or so the cover of the magazine tells me.  We're struggling with some "depression" thingy, while surrounded by kids and the staff who helps us care for them... wait... my staff has failed to show up for work 10 years in a row...

Life is messy, cluttered with a side of childhood, topped with a helping of junk mail, served with the chaos of 5 people in one space.  And, for the most part, I'm OK with that, Blues and all... And on that note, I think I'll put on some hard core rap and get down to the Business of mommy-hood, Hosting Thanksgiving, and all the junk that goes in between.


Jen said...

LOVE IT... I cannot wait to meet you in person, girl! We are too much alike. Check out my blog post today.. will make you laugh, plus I am dying to know what you would do.

Pam said...

Great post, G! I especially love the part about going to the grocery store with no makeup and a scowl. Too funny!

I do that, and I'm not even a mom.

Rene' said...

I am loving changing into the clean running clothes. The other day I came downstairs in "real clothes" and Siri asked me where I was going all dressed up? What do you mean? She replies, "Mom all you wear are running skirts and running shoes." for the record I had jeans and a sweater on, if she only knew what all dressed up was. happy, happy turkey day!!!

Julie said...

too funny!!
And I have to laugh at Rene's reply, too. My daughter says the same thing to me when I wear jeans and a sweater...MAMA!!! You look so pretty all dressed up ;-)

Shellyrm said...

And I bet you can say your Angie definition in one breath? Am I right?!!

too funny!

Julie D. said...

you mean you don't have a staff?! gosh, no wonder you are depressed! ;) I'm sure some turkey, pie, and family might help tomorrow! have a great thanksgiving!