Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Are we, or aren't we?

Does anyone here remember when you were dating a man seriously and he gazed deeply into your eyes on a moonlit beach and said something like, "You're just the kind of girl I always imagined I'd marry..."?

And then you wandered around in a dazed and confused state of mind wondering, "Are we getting engaged?  Should I reserve THE Chrysler Museum of Art, because I always wanted to get married there on a June Morning, but it books up 20 months in advance and there are only 4 Saturday's in June and is THIS IT?  Can I plan?  OH, right, I almost forgot!  The beach towel I was about to order that I was going to have monogramed...  Do I get my old initials?  GAS?  or VAS?  Or, do I get my new initials will be VAE... as in, Oy Vey!  Or,  GAE and in, 'I feel pretty and witty and GAE!'

And of course, in some cases, some of you might have ended up married to THAT GUY.  And, some of you, like me, were apparently the just the KIND of girl he wanted to marry, but not the ACTUAL girl.

Well this week I got a phone call that made me wonder, Am I, or Am I Not? accepted into Nursing School of my choice.  The financial Aid department called and asked me to come in for a thirty minute meeting in anticipation of the acceptance of pending application into BSMCON.

That's quite a mouthful there:  Anticipation ... Acceptance... Pending.  All in one sentence.

So.  I feel like I can't even celebrate properly, because I don't have an engagement ring (i.e. acceptance letter).  But I feel like I want to celebrate because frankly, this seems like it.  What do you think?  Are you the kind of person who pops a bottle of cider (marathon training, not drinking much these days) at the drop of a hint?  Or, are you the kind of person who waits until the question is popped?


Rene' said...

pop the cider I say. Why would they call you if they didn't have some sort of list? Congrats!

Jen said...

If I was you... I would pop the cork... if this was my situation... I'd wait because I have WAY TOO MANY disappoints that followed, "you're just the kind of girl I always imagined I'd marry".


(side note: the word verification is "rebound" - too funny)

Pam said...

You've probably got it licked, but I never count MY chickens before they hatch.

Amanda@runninghood said...

So hard to wait! But tricky to assume too. I usually like to know for sure before I celebrate too much but I for sure would have told everyone who will listen what I "think" is worth celebrating even if it means telling them nevermind later. In your case, it sounds like your in. Excited to hear!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Celebrate! Be happy and thrilled now. I'm sure your in. AND if not would you be MORE dissapointed because you already celebrated now, no. So why fret? Be confident! You are so in!!

fancy nancy said...

Celebrate away!!! Best of luck!!

racing dawn said...

Sounds like it's a go! But, yeah, I'm cautious and wait for the ring... :)