Thursday, November 11, 2010

Marathon Dedication

A marathon is about dedication.  Dedication to the training, the schedule, the early mornings, the training... I said training twice.  BUT this post is not about that kind of dedication.

Every year I dedicate the miles of my big race to the people in my life.  So this post isn't about me.  It's about you.  I feel so grateful to have you all.  

I dedicate mile...

1- To my PARENTS & their respective spouses, thanks for being there for me, even when you're far away.

2- To my SIL, who has traveled from BOS to be here with me & my support crew.  It means a lot to me to have your respect.
3 - To Jill - because she's a closet runner who has a way with words, and I appreciate those words.
4 - To B-nut, who's 4th birthday is just days away, and though you clutter my life with busyness, you fill it with joy.
5 - To my BIOLABUDs!  Yea, I love you guys, and I will certainly be thinking of you all and our BIOethics ... and our book dropping habits as I schlep through the city.
6- To Amber, Joan and Lisa - for being part of the Posse.
7 - To V & Ann - who don't run, don't really get why I run, but are there for me anyway!  Thank you Zickie Zickie!
8- To G, my son, who is so cute when he's trying to compliment me, even though it never comes out quite the way he means it to - I also hope I "do good", though to be honest honey, it's a long shot that I'll win it.  a really really long shot, one that involves some kind of natural disaster, or plague...
9- To JEN, PAM, SHELLY, AMANDA, ANNE, RENE, ZOE, MCMMama, EMZ, MRS D, EARTH MAMA, MEREDITH ... you know, this could go on and on... you know who you are...  just know that I know who you are too.
10- To C, my eldest, who is trying to get a grip on this sport, I hope it grabs you one day the way it's grabbed me.
11- is dedicated to the makers of BODY GLIDE!
12 - To SDD:  There is no charge for awesomeness... or attractiveness!

13 - To H... the race is on the 13th of the month, and I've been married to you for 12+ years.  Here's hoping the number 13 is lucky, eh?
14- To Mel because something she said last year about Pies stuck with me all the way through THIS year...  and because I think... yea, I'm pretty sure that I need more COW BELL.
16 - To SPEEDEE - last year you helped me through mile 16, and this year you've helped me through miles 1 - 1,234 (that's an actual number!).  You're awesome, and yea, I was lookin'.
17 - To Pants Guy - because you're hilarious, but in a laid back kind of way.  This Cheetah Skirt will be wa-ay behind you!
18 - To The Witch Dr - Without your thumb, I wouldn't be here today
19 - To 3L - Thanks for always being there for the run, no matter the hour or weather.  
20 - To DeNiece - even though she likes to sleep in on T/Th.  Congratulations!
21 - To Ocean - toe the line with confidence, you are the next level.  

22- To the Illusive Dave... just know that any tears I shed in the mile I dedicate to you are probably tears of mirth.  

23 - To Meade, my bro, nothing personal, but I hope this run doesn't suck as much as your Iraq 10K.  Stay safe.  I miss you.  It's only 42,195 meters!  
24- To COACH ElI almost didn't join MTT.  But then, I met you at an expo... and I did, and it was the Best. Decision. Ever.  I can't say that I loved every step of the running, but I sure did have a good time running with you & the Swampies.  In all this training one of my fondest memories is of you standing at the entrance to the stadium after a long (long) run saying "Way to go G!".  Thank you.  You deserve, and have, my trust and respect.
25-  To Q - You are an amazing coach.  Thanks to you I have changed the way I look at my sport.  Of course, thanks to you I have also changed the way I look at a lot of things, including half the music in my library, the Taper, and the Blvd/64 under pass.  Oh yea, and on race day, don’t forget to eat.  I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.
26- To T, words can't express what you mean to me.  You're my best friend, and I appreciate you.  I love that with you, I can be a runner first, a logical thinker second, and not be judged for either my success or failure...  I love that we can laugh about it later even if its not funny.  Oh, and by the way, "Nice Socks."
26.2 - Belongs to me.  The end of '09 and early part of '10 I spent a few months rehabbing my torn hamstring, driving to and from the Dr, building my base back from scratch, running (effing) 1 minute of strides per (effing) 5 minutes of walking,“racing for fun, not for speed”.... and I learned a little about myself.

I would rather EPICALLY FAIL trying for Awesome
than fully accomplish Mediocrity.  
Runner First, Logical Thinker Second.


Rene' said...

okay, i'm crying. that was awesome!!!!

Jen said...

I am not sure you are "allowed" to make me cry until after the race...

You r going to rock this and ether way, I am happy to call you friend.

I prayed for people at each mile... kind of kept it a secret so it meant more to me... but do you know which mile you had? 12... not sure why, but it was on my heart when I was making the list. Love ya girl!

Lisa Mollica said...

So I don't even know the majority of these people, but I'm crying! And the kids are coming in a minute...greaaat. :)

Good luck!!!! I'm so thankful that I can be a part of your running crew and only wish I had forced myself to join in earlier!

You will not just "do good" on will be amazing!

Dave Warfel said...

This is awesome. So great that you spent the time thinking about friends & family who have helped you get there.


I love it. And you. I know that the UBER goal is yours. And if the unexpected happens, I will be there to get you to the finish no matter what.

Good luck with mile 15. I know that will be a struggle for you.

p.s. tell my BFF to keep an eye out for me at the race. I'll give him another opportunity to tell me "nice socks"

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Fill that Pie lady!! YOur FB status lately have made me a LITTLE nervous.. One think that I really try to press on people so close to the big day is to RELAX!!! Everything in you wants to stress, worry, overthink, overplan= ANXIETY!! At this point you have done all you can do, there is no reason to worry about that which you cannot control. The best thing you can do for yourself is to RELAX..

If your brain wants to think about the Marathon think about the Finish line and the smile you will have. THink about the water stops and the people out there to support you. Think about the course, how the roads are closed just for you. Thyink about your outfit and smiling for the photogs (papparazzi). Think about how strong you are, your heart pumping, your muscles flexing, your feet effortlessly moving across the pavement... There are sooo many good things to think about, that you should RELAX and focus on all positives..

Hmmmm Event Planner for SF?? More details please..


And thank you for the dedication girly, means so very much to me.. Get the UBER goal and nothing less and do it by RELAXING..

Anne said...

What a touching post...with all that support, how can you go wrong. You will own that 26.2!