Friday, December 24, 2010

The Season of Inadequate Mothering

I'm feeling a little behind this year.

Well, to be honest, I'm pretty much more behind than I've ever been since 1999.

Tis the season though, so I've got to get it all done if possible.  Though, I think it's safe to say at this point that SOME things are NOT going to get finished.  We're at the part of the race where you're 2 miles from the finish, the PR is totally busted and you're not going to achieve it - but you've still got to finish the darned race before the clock ticks past the "allowed time on course".

It's Christmas Eve and I've managed not get all the gifts wrapped, nor have I even PURCHASED everything for the stockings!  I've managed not to write my annual Christmas Poem (which is generally EPIC... ahem), or write a newsletter or produce the holiday COMIC.  Yes, normally I write a full holiday comic... here is a past comic so you can see how high I set the bar...

there's a water mark because I haven't re-purchased the program this year.  
Depressing - I always leave it as a TBC, and I didn't manage to continue it!  Uhg.  But at this point, I should tell you that the comic usually takes about 3 hours that involve curse words and a furrowed brow.  So.  It's not going to happen.

We even went to Disney this year!  Really I should have written the comic, sent the card and a newsletter bragging about all the great things we did there.  The newsletter could have also bragged about the fact that of the 400 people who applied to the nursing program I applied to, I was one of the 37 chosen.  Nice to feel elite in SOMETHING.  I also WON my age group in a 5K, and seriously, THAT right there is newsletter worthy.  But as I said, no comic & no newsletter.

I DID manage to send out 12 (yes, only TWELVE) Christmas cards yesterday so that people like my Grandmother will be able to show off their great-grand kids pictures....

SO, as I was saying, LOTS of things I haven't done.

BUT here are some other things I haven't done.

I haven't had to call the police once this holiday season.  A first in a while.  Seriously, wish I was kidding.

AND I haven't had to call a plumber, though, there's still time for that to "correct" itself.


Jen said...

I am SOOOO with you there, girl! And I think your comic is AWESOME!!!!!!! next year, maybe it can be a double edition... you know... a special one.

Tricia said...


merry christmas

Holly said...

I have a Colleen and Brighit as well!!!!!

Scarlett Mother said...

Things undone: xmas baking, cleaning, laundry, wrapping gifts, batteries...did i mention i am hosting tomorrow..seriously, though my boys are actually playing nicely together today...I'll take that as a xmas gift anyday

Rene' said...

sometimes you just have to leave it where it is. if you lived closer i would drop some stocking stuff to you because for some reason every store i went to i must have forgotten that i already bought stocking stuff. and the comic is pretty impressive....WOW! you are super creative. Anyway....Merry, Merry, by tomorrow morning no one will even know what was forgotten.

Julie D. said...

Girl, gotta give yourself a break somewhere. Does the fact that my kids have watched TV all day every day since they got out of school make me feel like a fabulous mom? I think not.

Anne said...

I'm down to the strict minimum when it comes to holiday prep...and we all still have a great time :)
Merry Christmas to you and your family G! :)