Friday, April 29, 2011

Adrenaline RUSH

A universally accepted fact of life:  Nothing makes you realize your limitations like resuming running after a few months of "forced rest".  Due to my time in a boot and general laziness on my part, I am weak.  I hate that weak feeling, and it's causing imbalances in my running posture, or, that's what my Witch Dr said when I had my stride analyzed last month.  

Seeing as I ask Q pretty much everything, it only made sense to find out what he does to stay so fit.  Well, when my coach isn't coaching, or booted, or cycling, or running 12 minutes at a time, or avoiding his blog, or beating a rowing machine into submission, or standing around RRRC events looking hot (it's been in the 90's here...), he works out with Team Adrenaline.  

I had actually looked into Adrenaline in January.  Sadly that went down as the month where I was wrapped up in the drama of the F’ankle.
And by that I mean literally. wrapped. 'effing. ankle.

I’ve been stalking observing Adrenaline for months as I was gimping out to my car after my daily swim.  It looked wicked.   Like Galactically Bada** meets group fitness.

Curiosity lead me to the Adrenaline website, which gives a nice explanation of what it is that they're trying to do out there in the Y parking lot:

“It’s very easy to get stuck in one way of training and after a while that gets boring and it’s not very efficient,” (Founder & CEO Paul Caminiti) says. “No matter what the sport, I always felt that training should be as exciting and rewarding as game day.” ... Working from that simple belief, Caminiti started Adrenaline Sports USA, Inc. Adrenaline uses dynamic group training techniques—all done outdoors—to dramatically improve speed, explosiveness, agility, core strength, endurance, flexibility, and mental strength...

I am SO down with improving speed, explosiveness, agility, etc, so the DAY I was cleared by HD for full activity I contacted the owner.  Paulie & I, can I call you Paulie?... exchanged a few e-mails about my f'ankle and became instant BFFs (shh, don’t tell Bart).

On Wednesday a.m. I showed up to participate in a (complementary) Adrenaline training session.  I went to properly introduce myself to BFF Paulie... well, a handshake wasn’t enough for me & my BFF, he opened his arms for a quick hug.  ~gasp~  So, you all know how I’m not a hugger?  Ah ~ I totally make exceptions.  Shallow?  Yes, absolutely.  Go check out the “about” section on Adrenaline’s web page…  ‘nuff said.

So, I’d love to give a whole recap of the class.  I really would... but I can’t remember all that much about it...  I can tell you that about 30 seconds into the class my quad started to quiver, in fear perhaps?  And on the second set of running repeats over a line of mini-cones my legs felt like I’d just completed a 15 mile bike ride.  There was also a moment there where I was distracted by the fact that my arms and shoulders felt like they'd been doused in gasoline and lit on fire.  By the third set on shaky legs through the cones of torture (forget “water boarding”, those people in Gitmo need to be way more worried about 21 unassuming child-sized orange cones…) I realized that I had lost the ability to count past the number 4, which is sad because I’m pretty sure I felt I had mastered that skill in preschool… and I can also confirm that right around the time that I was considering laying down in the dirt and calling Parcheesi my BFF Paulie sent us on some hard laps around the parking lot while he yelled things like “TURNOVER!” and “LENGTHEN YOUR STRIDE!” and truly, I might have been running fast, but I wouldn’t know because my legs were completely dead, and the other guys in the class totally crushed me.

They had time to sit down, check CNN on their smart phones, brew some coffee... and I was still running.   I’m not sure, but I think the one guy went home, showered and came back to applaud my finish with the rest of them...   As I finished, staggering over the "line" like a drunk, there were high fives exchanged....

...and all this in an hour... and I think I was laughing or smiling at least half the time....  

It's one of the better "highs" I've ever gotten.

If running is Heroin, well… Adrenaline is like crack.  ONE hit, and I was hooked.  I am SO going back to spend more time with my BFF Paulie.  Working out with them is going to make me a stronger more balanced athlete, and that is going to make me a faster runner.  

So here's the good news for the Richmonders - the first class is free.  Print the waiver, and come enjoy a free high class.  No worries, it'll only take one visit to know how GBA he is..., er, at running the class... yea... I meant the class.

The good news for the non-Richmonders.  Adrenaline is not limited to the Richmond area.  There are multiple locations across the country.  Look them up and check them out.  Seriously, if I wasn’t in nursing school, and had time, and didn’t live here (where the founder & CEO already resides), and I was going to open my own fitness franchise… this is what I would be doing.  Its wicked.  Fierce.  It's, for lack of a "real" word, GBA**.


Jen said...

Sounds AWESOME!And yeah... I would have hugged him too!

Rene' said...

that class sounds awesome and I am a hugger so I would have had NO PROBLEM hugging Paulie:) said...

wow, something more addictive than running? sounds AWESOME!

and i LOVE that you actually got a pony :) and any time you want to hijack my blog you are MORE than welcome :) love your story and so glad you stopped on by :)

Teamarcia said...

That sounds fantastic! Keep that up and youll be back to your speedy self in no time!

Earth Momma Mer said...

You have me soooo curious! I just don't see how I'll fit in one more thing! Ahh! But I'm so happy that you found a new high. :) I'll put it on my list for something to try in 2012.

kat said...

That class sounds amazing, scary but amazing.