Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dear Boston Marathon,

Dear Boston Marathon,

I'm sorry we missed each other.  I was here in VA, you were in Boston, and the traffic ~ whew, I just couldn't get it together to get there from here.

I imagine it was a great day.  I hope you enjoyed meeting my friends who came to see you with their BQ times or Charity $ raised.  I also hope that everyone I know who was out on the course had a stellar day, and is enjoying their sore quads today with the pride that comes with knowing they ran a good day at THE Boston Marathon.

  ~Boston Boston Boston~ the wind carried your name to my ears all day yesterday.  The streets and internet were audible buzzing with ~Boston Boston Boston~.  At least a dozen times in the past few days I've been asked about you, Boston Marathon.  It's complicated.  I never know HOW to answer the question, "Are you ever going to run Boston?"  

I usually answer with, "not likely."  Because it's not impossible, even with the new faster times.  If there is anything running has taught me it's that nothing is impossible.  

Despite saying that, I will not be aiming for a BQ time anytime soon.  Not because I don't want to run The Boston Marathon, but because my goals are more "me-centric" than "B-centric".  I will continue to train for marathons because I love to run.  And because I love the personal satisfaction that comes from training and testing my limits.  

If one day my goals become BQ focused, I promise, you'll be the FIRST to know.  Fair enough?

Hope you're enjoying your recovery day!

Until next Patriots Day,



Jen said...

Love it... remember when RLAM did the post about DQ or BQ.... I'm so a DQ.

Michelle said...

Thank you for this post! I am running the Eugene marathon in two weeks. When I started this training cycle it was with the intent to qualify for Boston...I'm only 6 mintues away! I did my speed work, I did my long runs and I added cross-training. BUT, being a devoted wife, mother of two and teacher seemed to have brought me multiple speed bumps....speed bumps that I could maneuver around and manipulate to work. Yet, somehow, the last month has just shown me that this might not be the one...maybe I should run this 5th marathon just because I like running them. Such a fine balance and dance! Thanks for sharing!

Run with Jess said...

Love it. Like you, I really have no burning desire to BQ.

Annette@(running)In the Right Direction said...

I love the "mecentric not b-centric!"

Julie D. said...

I think I'm definitely leaning more toward b-centric right now because I just want to know what I'm capable of but the great thing about running is it so can so quickly become me-centric! I think you just coined another term! (your good at that by the way) I read my blog friends post today about her Boston path (http://smilingforgrandma.blogspot.com/2011/04/allowing-for-my-path.html) and it really hit home. Why do we run? Because we love it???...or because we are chasing after a race that somehow gives us the 'running badge of honor'? I want to run because I love it...and run boston because I refuse to believe my body is not capable of the qualifying times. I'm too dang competitive with myself. We'll just see where my path leads. Everyone who runs has the 'running badge of honor' whether they ever see Boston or not.