Monday, April 25, 2011

Cycle LOVE

Ok, Run, this isn't a competition on who I love more.  My heart can fit you both... as I like to tell my children, Love Multiplies, it doesn't Divide.

So.  I love OC.

OC is fun, she's fast, with her new derailleur she totally kicks some epic booty.  She likes a challenge, she really enjoyed racing Illusive on his bike last weekend  (we named Illusive's bike Double Stuff).  OC isn't afraid of the dark, and we ride often before the sun is even up.  When she's not out with me, she is tucked neatly in the garage next to a little shelving unit that holds my helmet, shoes, gloves, lights, mirror, etc.

So, you know that phrase, thou shalt not covet?

Meet G, my son.

"Mom, when you are tired of your orange bike, can you pass it down to me if I learn to clip in?"

Whoa.... what?  When I 'get tired' of my orange bike?  I won't 'get tired' of my orange bike, but ~ if I decide to replace the orange bike, and at that time you have grown and are tall enough for the orange bike, we can negotiate at that point.  notice the words, 'if' and 'negotiate'?

"How tall do I have to be before that will happen?"

I looked him over and thought, oh snap, this could be coming fast...  Well G, your legs have to be as long as my legs are now.  I bet by the time you are 10 or 11 that you will be tall enough for OC.  He's 8, btw.

"So will you teach me to clip in?"

Yes, I will teach you to 'clip in'.

"Right now?"

um.  no.


Jen said...

Love it. I wrote a letter to my long run today too.

fancy nancy said...

He is ready to go!!! Love it!

Rene' said...

sign him up for a kid's tri:) he is ready!