Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

I thought about it and decided, this morning after I got up and hid eggs at o'dark thirty, I was going to go out and stretch my legs with a little speed.... and then I promptly went back to bed and snuggled with H for a few minutes.  

Probably NOT a brilliant idea on a day the forecast high is 90, but, whatever.  IT seemed like a good idea at the time.  So when I finally did drag myself out of bed, it was warm.  Never the less, I had RUN on my mind and RUN in my heart and RUN is what I wanted to do ~ so it's what I did.

The sun was UP and SHINING when I started my 6 mile loop.  How. Odd.

I knew I wanted to push the pace a little today, but admit to going out without a solid plan.  I jogged a mile warmup while I thought about what I needed to do, what made the most sense, what I thought I could manage while also concentrating on knee tracking and form so my Witch Dr wouldn't have to kick my a** later this week.

I knew a TEMPO RUN (my favorite kind of speed workout, I admit) was probably out of my league ~ the form assignment would be hard to maintain for a steady state.  And I don't know my own limitations, so a progressive run could turn ugly if I brought it too early, or... turn tepid if I didn't bring enough.

Repeats.  Repeats were the solution.  I knew I could manage to push the pace AND concentrate on form, because the recovery would give me time to reorganize myself after each hard effort.  800M repeats sounded scary seeing as I just (and I mean JUST) got off "restriction", so I ultimately decided to do 2 minute intervals (which worked out to 400's or so).

I'm too embarrassed to tell you exactly how it went down.  I can't hold the pace I would like to hold for 2 minutes without REALLY struggling.  Really.  Really. REALLY struggling.

That said, I brought it for the 4 I managed, and figured that if I did 4 well it was better than doing 6 poorly. I hope that logic applies to training.  Truly I do.

AND since it was Easter, when my 6 miles of bliss was over my daughter wanted to take my "easter outfit picture" ... funny how one person's torture is another persons bliss...

~Happy Easter ~


Anonymous said...

You look very FIT!!! Go eat some candy! =)
Happy Easter

MCM Mama said...

You look like one of the eggs Shoo colored yesterday...

Your speed will come back. At least that's what I keep telling myself LOL.

Rene' said...

Loving the purple skirt.....You look AWESOME!

Jen said...

First, super sexy!

Second... I want more details about those miles, please!

I ran this afternoon after the 41.9 mile bike ride yesterday... yeah, it was TOUGH!

Julie D. said...

way to go!! YES!! 4 great repeats is awesome!!! I know I expected to jump right back where I was post-injury and it pissed me off that I couldn't but I've learned to love what I CAN do! Nice work!