Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Drama Club

Once when I was in high school I auditioned for a play without reading the script to the end.  That wasn't like me.  I usually researched, studied, read, and read again.

But ONE time, I went out on a whim to a casting call that included a part for a 20something year old and performed a remembered monologue.  Why not?  I mean, I looked close enough to 20, and I had some decent material.

My Drama Coach scolded me severely.  He felt I had wasted my audition.  I mean, Where in the world did I get off on thinking that I knew enough about the part of Vera, the 20something year old token dumb girl, if I didn't even know how her story ended?  He was outraged.

Even more so when I got the part.

What is the point of that story?

Well.  I don't know exactly.

It just occurred to me the other day as I was out on an unplanned unscheduled Tempo run that I'm not sure I'm following the script.  And then another day, Mustang Sally asked for company on a 4 miler and I thought, "why the heck not?"

Never mind that I've already run this morning, done a particularly intense Team Adrenaline workout complete with dry heaves, and that it's 80something degrees with about 80% humidity.  I didn't say, "have a nice run", I said, "Give me a few minutes and I'll join you."

Then I bailed on my long run and rescheduled it for another day because it wasn't going all that well, and hello, what's the harm in just running it another day?  Then I joined the Advanced Team for a few awesome & inspiring miles. (many people on this team will finish their marathons in sub 3 hours).  Um.  I have an UBER goal that gets me within an hour of that... give or take.

So.  It's confession time.

Lately... I have not been following my training schedule.  ~ GASP ~

Before you panic, let me lay some fears to rest.  I have been running consistently 4 -5 days a week, carefully monitoring a 10% increase in miles each week, cross training X1 day & resting X1 day, and thanks to that nasty virus I even had a week where I stepped back and took it easy.

But as far as the plan that I had tattooed on my husband's forehead (so I can carefully study it while pretending to listen to his every word)... well...  I haven't been following it.

I haven't even looked at it in days.  Maybe a week or more.  um.

I know about how long my "long" run needs to be every week, but that's all I know.  I tend to run a schedule - easy Tuesday, Speed (Adrenaline) Wedneday, Long Thursday, Hilly effort Saturday, HMRP Sunday...  but that's not really on any kind of paper or scheduled plan...

It's like I took the SCRIPTED DRAMA out of my life and the result is that I feel amazing.  My long run this week was epic.  Even with the blistering four mile start with Black Team.

EPIC aside, this whole "non-schedule" thing, it's out of character.  Is this the beginning of burn out?  Is it summer laziness?  Or is it a runner without pain for the first time in a long time out enjoying the moment and savoring the run without worrying about the race looming on the horizon?

And if that IS it, is it a good thing? or Not?

What about you?  Do you always "Run The Plan"?  or do you ever just "Run in The Moment"?

~ savor the run ~


Anonymous said...

I am so bad with following training plans. Lately I am actually trying to follow it because I know my race will go so much better if I do.

Rene' said...

I usually follow my plan to the T, but this time have not looked at it in 2 weeks, but do my long runs...for me it is the summer and this quest to not be sooooo "scheduled." We will see how that goes:)

Jen said...

Last summer for MCM, I followed it exactly. And my Tri plan about 80%... but sometimes u need to savor the run, no?

Anne said...

Savor the run my friend :)

Jessica (The Pace of Me) said...

in the past i've been so rigid with my training plan and then i find that a month or two before the marathon i burn out and hit fatigue and race day has never been what it *could* have been ... so this time around i am trying to be more laid back about it. stick to it generally and build in some flexibility. this is the first time ever that i am being coached and the first time i am ever incorporating any speed work or time at the track. i'm planning to PR significantly - i know i am capable of it if i train right!! - but i believe "training right" is going to involve lots of rest days, lots of flexibility and lots of time SAVORING my runs :o)

Kittee said...

I do really good at the beginning of a training plan and then peter out toward the end.

I know I could have a fantastic race if I could just stick with it but sometimes life happens and you make the most of what the day gives you.

bobbi said...

I follow my plan by the week, but stuff rarely happens on the day I meant it to happen.

I think that you are just comfortable enough in your running that you KNOW what you need every week. you are relaxing into what you KNOW to do. you are savoring the run - all of them :)

Pam said...

I've never been one to enjoy anything when I'm told I HAVE to do it. If your non-training plan keeps it fresh and fun for you while still affording you the benefits (which it obviously is), GO FOR IT.

Michelle said...

I was so devoted to my last training plan, that it is delightful to NOT have one right now. I was definitely resentful of that plan by the end. It's been a month since my marathon and I STILL don't have the bug to train with a schedule. I'm loving just running how much I want and when I want, biking instead, hitting a crosstraining class, or doing *gasp* nothing! :) Sounds like you have a fine and happy balance. Do what works.