Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Letter for Bobbi

Dear Bobbi,

This weekend you're running a marathon.

Can I just say a few words here?  Even though we've never met, I'm 100% certain that the following statement is true.

You're going to freaking ROCK.

'nuff said.

But just incase, let's seal the deal.

Miles 1 - 4 you're going to go out super easy and relaxed.  Like, "hello, this is just a training run".  Miles 5 - 15 you're going to get in a zone and just cruise.  At mile 16 your legs are going to be light and strong.  At mile 20 you're going to be thinking "wow, I've just run 20 miles!?".  At mile 22 you might be tired, but you will know that we ~ all of us ~ are running along side you, with you in the moment, encouraging you!  At mile 24, when you see the mile marker, you know that I am there reminding you that you are Galactically Bada** and T's quote "you did not train for 4 months not to bring it for the last 2 miles on Race Day" applies to you.

And when a spectator is holding a cow bell, maybe you "NEED MORE COW BELL!"?

And when a spectator yells out, "just keep going!", maybe the appropriate response is "That's what he said!"?

And when you see a hill, maybe you need to make that hill your b*tch?

And if you get tired and don't want to run any more, maybe you need to look ahead, find a red shirt, hunt him down and chic him ~ because that's how we roll. (and it will change your focus to an external point).

Run Like Snot.

Try Not to SUCK.

There is no such thing as the wall.

Believe in your own greatness.

THIS is your moment.

savor the run.

GBA gf.

((ps - Bobbi's blog can be found here if you have anything YOU'd like to share with her.))


fancy nancy said...

WELL SAID!! Good luck Bobbi!

bobbi said...


I will focus on this when I need it on Saturday (and I'm sure there'll come a time when I DO need it). You freaking rule :)

Pam said...

Love this!!!

Anne said...

If I ever run a marathon...I will reread this. You are a great friend. Good luck to Bobbi...I'll go tell her on her blog :)

Mustang Sally said...

WORD! Have a GREAT race!!

Erika said...

this is great!!!

Meredith said...

Good luck Bobbi! And, although that was written for Bobbi, I'm going to go ahead and substitute my name for Bobbi's and pretend you're saying all that to me :) Thanks. That was awesome!

Kirsten said...

Nice post Ginny! I hope to remember these words when my time comes :)

bobbi said...

I'm back to this one :)

Thanks again!