Thursday, December 29, 2011

aka Hot Doctors make everything more Fun even the bad stuff

My Hot Orthopedic Doctor and I spent some quality time together today.

There was Good News & Expected News & Not Awesome News

I arrived promptly at 9:28 for my 9:30am appointment and settled in with Angry Birds, gmail, and some paperworks type stuff.

A mere hour later, I found myself giving an extensive history on the tingly foot, the weird intermittent pain and before I knew it, I was being whisked away into an Xray room.  They had to cover the bases.  OF course WE knew it wasn't broken, and... it's not.

A bit later HD arrived.

Good news:  He's still hot.

He walked in, took my hand, looks me in the eye and says, "It's nice to meet you."

I said, "Wait a minute, I know we've met before, here, in this office."

Charming HD gets bonus points for looking me right in the eyes and saying, "No way I would forget you...  are you sure we've met?"

Since I've cut my hair I've been walked passed and unrecognized by people who actually know me, so OK, I'll give him that.

We had some good laughs, he poked my foot with a paperclip ~ a true medical instrument ~ and we bantered while he decided where the problem was really located.

I said, "I really need to get your picture so I can text it to Karasmatic."

He furrowed his beautiful brow, and said, with a slight tilt of his head, "Why?  So she can see that I'm still me?"

Deadpan, "No, so she can see that you're still hot."

He burst out laughing, blushed a beautiful pink shade of awesome.  And just like that, HD and I were BFF's.

The Expected News:  It's a Morton's Neuroma.  (it's an inflamed nerve, I've included an image, but this image isn't exactly what I have.  It's close enough though)

So he ordered up a "Morton's injection" for my foot.

It went a little like this: HD (still blushing) cradles my foot in his hand, looks up and says with a perfectly straight face, "Bear with me, I'm a little nervous, I've never done this before."  There was a pause while I soaked that in, and we ALL started laughing.  Of course he's done it before.  Anyway, we had a great time with the laughing, and burning stinging of the cortisone shot that didn't hurt as much as I was expecting (he is very distracting... or maybe he has good hands... or both).

"now I'll always remember you, because you were my first...."  insert more giggling ~by all of us~ here.

And then, the Not Awesome News:  He banned me from running AND cycling for 3 weeks.  Not sure which sounds worse, 3 weeks of no running, or 21 days of no running, or 18 days of pool time... I guess it depends on how you view it.  He wants me POOL RUNNING, with the belt and ~yeah~.

I can't call that Bad News.  It's not bad.  Its just not awesome.  I'm not too unhappy with the whole thing.  I knew I had a problem.  3 weeks of not running is not the end of the world.  And, HD was very optimistic about my prognosis.  He believes that IF I follow the rules and IF I'm a patient patient I will get better and be fine.

SO, there you go.

The Hot Doc is still hot.


Michelle said...

That's a pretty big pill to swallow. Maybe you can get some of your crew to do a few pool runs with you too! :) A "good running wife" would do that.

Jen said...

I doubt it was just Karasmatic that wanted to see him... Seriously! Is he on his website!

Btw: the no running thing while sucks means you get to go back to see Hott Doc! ;-)

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Can I say that I thought it would be worse? 3 weeks of good behavior, that still gives you lots of months of 2012 to run and bike. I'm just glad it's ONLY 3 weeks.

Char said...

Three weeks will pass quicker than you think it will at the moment. You'll be running again before we hit February and we all know how quickly the years go by so a few weeks will just fly (I hope).

Wish you had a pic of your hot doc.

Ewa said...

For a hot doc like that, 3 weeks is nothing, right? I bet you can't wait for your followup visits. :)
Pool running sucks! Ooops! This is not very supportive. Here is a better version of this: pool running will get you so much stronger, physically and mentally
Happy New Year!

Laura said...

Ugh- not the news you want to hear, but you're right, 3 weeks isn't terrible. What is it about good looking sports med drs?! Some sort of prerequisite?

Pam said...

I'm jealous. My sports doc is a total nerd.

And three weeks off doesn't suck NEARLY as bad as it COULD have...

Kristi said...

What is it with orthopedic docs?? Mine is a hot, hot doc too. I had to see him last week again for knee/hamstring pain. Good luck with your foot. I had a neroma about 5 years ago and mine went away after a cortisone shot and rest. No pain ever again with it!! Yay!

Julie D. said...

oh my gosh. only you could flirt with a doc, get away with it, and have him flirt back!!! another vouch, that you truly are GBA. :) You'll get through it. hang in.