Friday, December 30, 2011


Biolabud was reading my Facebook post about my new workout regimen and wondered "What is slogging?"

Slogging = the art of sucking while pool jogging.

I mean, no matter how FREAKING EPIC you might be at pool running, pool jogging, aqua jogging, etc. if you're a runner, accustomed to running on land through neighborhoods, city streets and rolling country roads... aqua jogging kinda sucks.

But since it's my "new thing", I figured I better embrace it.  Cos that's just how I roll.

Seriously though I didn't know how to go about doing my first slog, so I went online and googled How to Aqua Jog.  True story.  There were ~like~ 31000 options, so I went ahead and clicked on option 3.  Three is my lucky number, I figure, how can I go wrong.

Holy Heckfireandshoot.

The suggested workout for the triathlete (which i'm not, but T is, and she's my wife so that's close enough) was a 3700m swim/45 minute aqua jog BRICK.  I can swim, yeah...  I'm even pretty decent at it, and am back up to about a mile.  So, 3700m?  and 45 minutes?  What was this, the Ironman level BRICK workout?

oh. yeah.  It was.

So I modified it and went with this instead:
Swim #1 500m
Jog 15 min
Swim #2 500m
Jog 20 min with intervals
Swim #3 600m (so I could get a full mile)

It was still pretty intense.

I used the first 15 minute jog to 'just get the hang' of it.  The actual workout called for 3 X 5 min at tempo, but I figured (correctly) that there was a learning curve and I should use the first 15 minutes to figure it all out.

I was pretty zapped by the 2nd 500m swim.

And by that I mean I could barely move my arms.

But I still went for it when it was time for the next set of jogging.  My idea was that if I did intervals the time would go faster.  It was true.  Intervals are the only way to survive this kind of workout.

And by the last 200m of cool down, I was barely swimming.  I mean that too.

So tomorrow is New Years Eve.  And guess what I'm doing....



bobbi said...

I'm glad you are embracing this. I'm glad that I've yet to read "surgery" in any of these posts (knock on wood). And working hard enough that the end of the workout is TOUGH is a good thing, right?

Happy New Year :)

Ewa said...

Slogging - I like that word though it seems to be lacking the intensity of your workout. Gosh, you are going to be so ready to run when you are done with slogging.

Anonymous said...

So, do you wear weights when you go slogging? Or do you slog in the shallow end?
Good job on the word slogging. Its fun to say.

Happy New Year!