Thursday, April 11, 2013

April Showers

April showers bring May flowers

When I was a little girl that was my favorite little April rhyme. I think it's because my birthday is in May, and what better thing for a child than a looming birthday and the promise of flowers?

This spring I'm not obsessed with flower beds and towering iris that encase the mailbox in awkward purple blooms.

I'm obsessed with surviving the last 4 weeks of nursing school without forgetting to turn something in, and with getting my fitness back.

Forget "getting well soon".
I want to get my strong back soon.

Of course, being me, I threw together a recovery training plan when I was sick.

I took a Basic 5K Plan, a 6 week basic Cycle plan, and a "6 weeks to a mile" swim plan and merged them into one giant mess. I figured most of them had 3 workouts a week, and combining them, I dropped some things, added others and BAM.

A "6 week back to Base" plan came together.

Interesting how a base build plan from ZERO looks less like a RUN plan and more like a TRI plan, but, it's what has to happen. I can't go from 0 miles to running 5 days a week, even if I am a super hero. I'll get hurt. And I like riding the bike... so it makes sense. Swimming I view as a necessary evil at this point.

So with all the merging and adjustments, the plan will not be complete in 6 weeks, because I'm not focusing on one discipline. However, it will get me to moving in a positive direction.

I figure if I can run 60 consecutive minutes, swim a consecutive mile, and cycle for 20 miles, I'll be happy... and what I've learned in the 10 days since I started this plan is that some things are just way easier than others... #evil?

I swam a mile on day 3 of my swim plan. No, it was not consecutive, but the plan has me at about 1000m broken into sets of 200m & 100m, with breaks. Oh, I took breaks, but that's about the only part of the plan I followed. 500mX1, 400mX1, 300mX1 all the way down to 50mX2... Was it easy? nope. But will it be easy in a week? yep.

I think I can easily beef up the swimming to 2000m by the end of April and work some speed drills in there to get my 1600m time down again. But, um, hello? Why does the thing that comes easy have to be the necessary evil and not the other stuff I really actually enjoy?

so unfair.

This week I managed 3 <~ THREE whole miles at a sub 10 pace without dying of loss of breath. AND as for cycling....

well... that's a disaster I'm not feeling the need to blog about at the moment. We could probably hash tag it as a #feckinghotmess.

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bobbi said...

It has to be so frustrating, but try to be patient. You KNOW you'll get there.

And soon, you'll be able to put some real rest in your plan. Not "rest with your face in a book stressing about remembering it all" kind of rest - not physically exerting yourself, but not really restful either...