Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rear Window

I've stopped looking back and hypothesizing what might have been and could have been and looking for mistakes and conspiracy where there isn't any...

I registered for a Sprint Tri in May a few days before my birthday.

Not only that, it's a race I've done before, so I have a personal best on the course that I will probably not be able to match... but you know what? It so doesn't matter. I'd like to take about 2 minutes off my bike split from last time, but otherwise I'm not going out to make myself as crazy as Jimmy Stewart.

My whole point is that this is just going to get me moving in the right direction, to allow me to focus forward, rather than looking back on "what I used to be".

Is it weird, that I have to play mind games with myself, or is that just something that athletes do?

This spring has been about a little more than just being a galactically bada** runner. It's also been about being mother to a galatcially bada** son.

My son asked me for years if he could do a tri. I always blew it off. It wasn't something I could afford, or the timing was bad, or (insert personal drama here that has nothing to do with my son). So this year we made it happen for him. And he's loving the training.

I made him a cute little plan that has a lot of "10 min Running", "Ride OC 3 laps", and "Go Outside & Play Hard".

Speaking of riding, GBAson & I rode about an hour of hills and such at a local office park on Sunday (a great place to ride on a weekend afternoon, because no one is on those roads). It was at his pace, but he enjoyed getting some speed and practicing gears.

I knew it was going well when he, instead of unclipping at the end of his ride, undid the velcro on his shoe and pulled his foot out.... for those who don't know, that's how the speedy triathletes "do it". OH yeah. That's *my* kid.

Afterwards we went to pick up the girls, and as I hopped in my sucktastic beige minivan this was what I saw in the rearview mirror:

GBAson makes me proud.

4 comments: said...

That's do awesome! I have a two month old son and whenever I take him on a run in the stroller I dream about the day when (if) he will love running like I do. You have every reason to beam with pride!

Meredith said...

Love what you saw in your rear view mirror and love that your savoring these moments. :)

carrie said...

sweet! this warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes! I can't wait to do this with my boys!!!! You are a GBA_MOM!!!!!!

javediqbal said...
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