Monday, April 22, 2013

love conditioning, and running

Falling out of love equates to believing the one you're with can't support you emotionally, ever again. It means that you believe that nothing they do in the interest of changing will make them as good as they had been in the past. 

It's funny how easy it is to embrace that idea. That humans are inclined to say, "I'd rather take a chance on something new than go back to something known".

IF that is falling OUT of love does that mean falling in love equates to believing the one you're with is the only person who can ever support you emotionally for the rest of your life.  That seems a tall order for even the most galactic individual.

At what point do we start viewing our mate as a chore, rather than a gift? 

When they become too demanding, or when they fail to demand enough?

I've begun to realize that the key to this is making small changes before operant conditioning takes over. 

Operant conditioning works.

It does. Quite simply put, if you end something on a good note, you'll enjoy that activity. So, if you are training a horse and the horse does EXACTLY what you want when you are 3 minutes into your session, you quit. Right then. And the horse knows it did a good job.  If you're training a dog, its the same, though we tend to live with our dogs.

So this is a blog about running, training, food, food, eating, food... wait... and MOJO. and love. ~savor~

I ran. Like, for freaking REALZ. a REAL run. I went for a 40 minute spin first, and then laced on my shoes and ran like a Galactic Bad Ass....


For the whole 15 minutes.

WHAT?! 15 minutes? Why stop? I bet I could have eeked out another minute or two. It woulda been ugly. It might have been difficult. I... am so glad I stopped when I was high on life and smiling. Because here it is almost 48 hours later and I am still grinning.

And a friend of mine nailed it when he said, #MOJO.

I quit while I was ahead. And so falling out of love is less of a fear... and my run & I are getting back together. Despite what Taylor says...


bobbi said...

this, after a really really crap week, made my Monday morning.


Marnee A said...

Yah for reunions! So glad you enjoyed your run and are still grinning!

carrie said...


Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

your writing is beautiful. Glad your running is too.