Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Galactically Bada** PowerKids Tri Re-Cap

This is not my recap to re-cap. Thus I'll turn it over to quotes from my son all day...

"I'm a little nervous" - 0645 on what turned out to be a very rainy chilly Saturday morning.

"Oh. Sweet." - 0705 Walking to transition, showed him how to walk his bike by holding the saddle with one hand.

"I've got this"- 0715 setting up in transition, in response to, me shouting at him to put your cycling shoes in front of your running shoes!

"What?" - 0730 upon being told we needed to go pick up his chip.

"What's the chip for Mom?" - about 2 seconds later.

"I want to wear my swim cap now" - 0745 (<~ his race started at 9a.m. and he was in a late wave)

"Wait, how long?" - in response to my indicating that it would be a long.long.wait.

"I am not going to do the swim cap" - 0900

"Let's get in line." - finally, 0930, we wandered over to where the kids with his numbers were huddled for warmth.

"What if I win?" - right before he left me to get in the pool... to which I said, well G, the point of this is to have fun. Just do your best and see what happens.

1009 G hit the water with a splash, and I gasped when I realized, hey, my boy is swimming in a triathlon, and... he's kicking it!

omg! G's out of the pool 2 minutes ahead of what we thought! um... WOW! (he was the 3rd kid finished in his swim wave, and he passed the other boys on the run into transition!)

Catalyst J, Did you see that transition? (a blistering fast transition put Gregory on the bike faster than any of the boys in his swim wave and most of the kids in the wave ahead of his)
"Seriously, he clipped in faster than I do" <~ a quote from Catalyst J, who came out to spectate G's first race.
PICK IT UP G!!!! ATTACK THE HILL! MOVE THAT BIKE! <~ probably not my best parenting moment ever, but what ever, stop pretending like you wouldn't have been yelling that to your child if he'd been racing....

Holy what? He's done on the bike already??? Catalyst J & I ran for the transition, but by the time we got there, OC (G's bike) was racked and he was gone.
He really brought it on the run..

And then, before I knew it, we were watching him finish.

I didn't even think to look at the clock. And neither did he.

He proudly showed me his 3 Bike Hash marks from the bike course, and the Red Run mark from the run course. (Sharpee markers & volunteers kept 300 kids on course today)

"My entire body hurts" - a few minutes after the finish. to which I said, well that means you did it right.

"That was fun. I can't wait till the next one!"

 "A little kid crashed into me coming into transition off the bike". He had an outside chain tat, which he says might have been from the other kid's bike. "I just didn't stop. I got up and got moving."



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carrie said...

Sweet! Little G totally rocks and is my hero!!!! Tell him great job and way to kick some major asphalt!!!

DavidJudy Read said...

Loved the recap. What a tough kid to get clobbered by another biker and still going!!!

Tyler is hooked too. Let us know when you guys sign up for another one and where!!

Congrats to Gregory!!

bobbi said...

Love everything about this - you must have been (and I'm sure you still are) ridiculously proud :)


Michelle said...

So awesome!

Marnee A said...

Oh My WORD!!! Super proud mama moment!!! Way to rock it Little G!

Jen said...

Ah... so the boy that gave you GBA title... is also a GBA... figures! :-)

Can I say I just love him too?!?!?!!! YES!