Friday, May 17, 2013

Titled "also known as the post where I acknowledge that it might be time to rename the blog"

"Are you a Runner who does Triathlon, or a Triathlete who runs?"

Huh. My gut instinct was to proclaim, "What the F$(# kind of question is that? I'm a runner who cross trains... "

But the truth is that my answer kind of shocked me. "I think I'm a former marathoner, who's now a Cyclist who does Triathlons so she can still run sometimes because she loves it."

(it's ok if you didn't follow that. I'm not 100% sure I followed that either)

In the last year I have been plagued with injury & illness & injury. I'm sick of it. I'm tired of not getting anywhere. Maybe running is too hard on my body. <~ it hurt me to type that.

I went to the Witch Dr this week. He gave me good news.

I got permission to race on my injured leg this weekend... he's "cautiously optimistic" about it.

So while the news wasn't terrible, the news wasn't great either. The damage wasn't able to heal in 5 weeks of rest. I really want to ask "If I took a few months off running and put my efforts elsewhere, do you think I might get better?"to see what he says. I'll be asking that question next week.

So I probably need to rename the blog. But I don't want to, and probably won't, because it's my identity... it's my voice.

You know how I always profess:
runners are weird

I have to ask, Are cyclists weird too? Cos if they're not, how in the world could I possibly fit in with them?


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

...and soon (ish) you won't be "stay at home" either. Talk about a whole bloggy identity shift.

Marnee A said...

cyclists are weird-er :) I'm a cyclist, turned triathlete, with the occasional side of running ONLY because its the only way to hang with most of my friends. I haven't yet convinced any of them to come to the fun side of triathlons...wish you lived closer