Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A New Kind of Story

The End.

Most stories don't start with The End. Most of them start with, "Once Upon a Time" and conclude with "The End". But that's not what I have, now is it?

My story starts with, "The End".  From there it heads into "Once upon a Time....".

So here you go.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princes who lived in a yacht on an island. The Yacht was actually an apartment, and the island was created by roads, but seriously, who wants to hear a story about an apartment dweller? Apartments aren't sexy, but by Yacht standards, this apartment SERIOUSLY ROCKS.

So, ONCE upon a Time there was a Beautiful YOUNG Princess who lived on a YACHT.

Also, about the age thing. I'm not actually young. But who wants to hear a story about a princess who is 37? People like to read about young, lush, sweet girls who don't suffer from allergies or hay fever.

Where was I again? Oh yeah...

SO, the Princess... Yacht... yada yada yada...

You know what? Forget this princess sh*t....

Once upon a time there was a (youngish)(yacht-dwelling) galactically badass mother (something) who woke up one morning (on her birthday) and realized "This is my life, and I only get ONE".

So there you go.

Another Year to look forward to... and I love my life. It's stressful and noisy, but I love it just the same. I love my yacht, my dog, my kids, my peeps & classmates and I even love my athletic endeavors, despite their various successes or failures by other people's standards. Other people's standards don't really matter that much in the big scheme of things, do they?

Happy 37th Birthday to Me.

Now enough nonsense... I need to go ride my bike.

~The Beginning~


Nicole Orriƫns said...

Congratulations! And have a nice bike ride!

Mom's Home run

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Happy Birthday G!

And, your apartment is sexy.

Or wait, maybe it's your boyfriend is sexy.

...clearly I need to come visit again and double check.

Marnee A said...

Happiest of birthday's G! I pray this year is filled with lots of joy, tons of laughter and love that overflows...oh and some seriously badd@$$ finishes in all your races!!!

Jen said...

My twin... I love you... and seriously... aren't you only as old as your twin? 35 my dear girl!

And yes, a visit is long over due... my apologies. This IM training is making me feel like a party pooper... but hey, after July 28th, I will party like a ROCK Star or Ginny Flynn! Love you babe!!! Muah!

carrie said...

Happy Birthday G, my GBA friend!!!!

Sarah G said...

Happy Birthday! Have a great ride! :)