Thursday, May 2, 2013


on my 'ta do' list is study for my final exams. There are 3 left and one of them is worth 30% of my grade. Basically, you can f*%# it up and fail the class, even if you go in with an A. For the record, I don't plan on f*%#ing it up.

also on my 'ta do' list is be a mom. There are 3 kids to consider, and at an average of 12 math problems per kid per night, this shouldn't be an issue, but damn... sometimes it's a FREAKING ISSUE.

items also on the list are train to swim, bike, and run and not drown. or suck. not sucking at swimming biking and running all seems like a sound a reasonable plan.

and let's not forget further down the 'ta do' list is drive a taxi service. If you don't like driving, I'd advise you have only one child, or only have dogs. Dogs are great actually, I understand they like to walk.

'Ta do' list also includes be thankful the car started today. or better yet, just plain old, be thankful.

Something happened today that reminded me to keep it in perspective. It should be on my 'ta do' list.

My perspective was brought to me by my favorite therapist. She's black. I only mention it because she sheds, and wearing white is a challenge. She reminded me that

today is the best day ever.

You want to know why? Because I took her for walk this morning before I left the house.
We walked NO WHERE.
In a 5 minute CIRCLE, if you will.
And yet, it was THE BEST DAY EVER because, it just was...  it was the day she got to spend 5 minutes with me, savoring our time together. She smiled the whole time. And even though it wasn't our longest or most adventurous walk, she was all wagging and smiles and sloppy wet kisses when we got home.

And here's the truth of my life.

Today is just what I make of it. Maybe I'll be a good mom, be a great athlete, or be neither and do nothing but take a walk with my dog...  it's all how I look at it.

So today, was the best day ever... 

even though it wasn't.

~savor the run~


Michelle said...

...but really, it WAS the best day. Dogs R*O*C*K.

Earth Momma Mer said...

Oh how I love this post so much and miss my "therapist." today is what you make of it so today is a good day to spend remembering macy and all her silly greyhound faces, noises, her love of dairy and all things with shampoo smell...and it's okay if i shed some tears while typing this because this is my today and i own it!

Meredith said...

Glad to have read this as I get my day going :) Hugs!

Patrick Riley said...

Too bad for those of us allergic to K9 therapists as we'd spend the rest of the day with red eyes and would be scratching our skin with belt sanders...
Jealous of you that can have and love dogs!!!