Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A.K.A The post where I learned that Adirondack is another way to say "exquisite"

Training with a view to envy

I used to write a motivational blog about how to get it done. Of course, that was when I was training to be a Half Ironman or a Marathoner. Now a days I am training to get healthy and live a full well rounded life.

What a strange thought... do we actually train for that? Or is that something that happy people just do?

I’m not sure.

Regardless, I’m happiest when I’m training, and so I figure I’m training for health. This means that when I’m on vacation, I still have to fit in my workouts.

This past weekend I went to the Adirondacks to visit some family and to spectate Lake Placid Ironman on Sunday.

I had a swim, ride and run on my schedule.
Adirondack State Park is exquisite ... there are no words. 

None. If you’ve never been, put it on your list of places to go. The views were so amazing that I couldn't wait to see them from the bike. I was up at 6:30 on day one of my vacation, and shortly after that The Good Dr and I were on the road. 

ok, shortly after I changed a flat we were on the road. I did. Changed it all by myself. With no help. I had 5 spectators & 2 broken nails though... Still, be impressed. I know I was...

mental recovery
On a 20 mile bike ride I saw scenery that looked straight out of a Sierra Club Calendar, a porcupine that was the size of a shetland pony *or dog, whichever*, and very few cars. Route 3 was completely set up as a bike route, with a 8 ft bike lane on both sides of the road. We saw 3 other cyclists, and about 8 cars... and maybe because I knew I was planning to eat well on vacation, we hammered the second ½ of the ride. #mojo

The rest of our morning in Cranberry Lake was spent boating, relaxing, and watching people swim in frigid water. I was completely lazy.

After lunch, however, my beautiful hostess invited me to go kayak with her.

I have nooooo skills in a Kayak anymore. I'm too much of a weakling, but she did, so we made it work.

It was amazing. Except for the collisions, but she seemed pretty patient, and I only ran into her boat a few times.

As I said, I had a swim, ride and run on my schedule. But I've always viewed a training plan like total health. This is a holistic entity. You have many levels. And being flexible is one element of that entity.

So while a good training plan encompasses Nutrition, Hydration, Recovery, Mental Training, Sleep, etc. it also must include Relaxing, Lazing, Kayaking, Unwinding and Smiling.

And this weekend, I definitely got all the elements of training into my days.

With the exception of "sleep", at any rate.


Michelle said...

I am LOVING your training lately! This is life and you are living it without regrets! Keep it up and thanks for sharing.

bobbi said...

It looks so beautiful there...