Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Puzzle Pieces

I couldn’t ride my bike this morning.

Stupid rain.

I couldn’t swim this morning either. I mean, I guess I could have, but because I swam so hard last night, I definitely woke up having one of those “Princess Bride” mornings. Not the kind of morning where you’re kidnapped and rescued “asyouwish” by a handsome blond pirate with 4 white horses, but the other kind.

I guess I need to
The one where you say to yourself, “Why won’t my arms move?”

So, in the interest of not drowning, a swim was really out of the question today.

Interestingly, that really only left a few options. One of which is the 3rd piece of the Triathlon Puzzle... and it’s a puzzle I’m struggling to work these days.

The bike is my favorite way to get sweaty and hot.

The swim is an illusive siren that tempts me to do things I might otherwise avoid... Should I? Shouldn't I?

The run is... completely non-existent.

Many of you might not realize, but 2 weeks ago I was cleared to begin a walk run program. 

Yes, that’s what I said. It’s been 2 weeks since I was given permission to run... and yet, I didn’t bolt out the door to run right away.

2 weeks.

In 2 weeks I have done no running. I skipped with my 6 year old... does that count for anything? Probably not much.

Today I got dressed to run. And then... I did exactly nothing else except watch the temperature’s increase. I confessed this crime to The Good Dr, and after a gentle, #suckitupButtercup, I decided to stop procrastinating.

The humidity at 1 pm was a bit much... so I violated RULE #1 of GBA Running, and went out without a shirt in just a bra.

 And then...

The Good Dr showed up with a smile. Dressed to run.

He had 6 miles.
I had 20 minutes of walk/run.

It was fun, albeit stressful. 

Yes, stressful.

Whatifithurts? WhatifIhurtitagain? WhatifIsuck?

I survived.
1.8 miles, 20 minutes, walk 2/run 3.

And at the end I was sweaty and rained on and smiling.

I'm icing it, per The Witch Dr's instruction, and planning my next run.

~savor the run~


Marnee A said...

Glad you went out and broke the barrier!

Sarah G said...

The hardest part of a run is getting that first step out the door!