Wednesday, July 17, 2013

DietRun, with lime and Dragon.

I miss running. Now that I'm running a little, I miss it a lot.

I miss logging miles upon miles of hot sweaty fun pounding out on the roads with the other RVA runners on the Marathon Training Team. I am up to an almost 4 mile walk/run, or when I'm pressed for time like today, I can string 2.5 miles together without the walk breaks and call it a workout.

So, right. There's no MTT for me this year. I can't build from 0 to 26.2 in time for the race.

So here I am, a marathoner who used to log 30-50 miles a week and I have managed to successfully log 6 miles of running last week.  ~sigh~ I know, lately this blog has been less about #running and more about #everythingelseintheentireworld.

And now that I have it back, it's not even like REAL run. It's more like DietRun.

Over ice.
Lime squeezed in is optional.
But Dragons seem like a good idea.

I know, you're all like - What did you just say?

I said Dragons.

In the hopes that I'm bada** enough to get from 0 - 13.1, I applied for the Central Virginia Endurance/ Lululemon Running Team. They'll coach you to the Richmond Half Marathon in November. I thought having a coach would be a safe way to get me to race day, YOGA is something that I think would benefit my lack of flexibility and strength, and most of all, I've been digging the CVE program ever since I watched a few of my pals train for a few Ironman-type events over the last year.

I sent in a killer application with a hilarious yet pointed essay in the hopes that I could make "Coach Bob" aware of my plight, and mostly to convince them that I can be badass again with coaching.

And that I'm funny and fun, and everyone would enjoy having me on the team.

Also, I'm a hard worker. I appreciate results and love competition. The Friendly Kind, of course.

Ok, so upon review of this rambling blog post, the essay probably wasn't pointed... maybe it was just hilarious. Or possibly not funny at all, but that seems unlikely...

Regardless, Feel free to comment here or Tweet to CVE (@CentralVAEndure) about how great I am (@gba_gf), or FB on my page and tag CVE with 101 Reasons I ought to be chosen for the CVE Team. Or Facebook CVE directly... basically, yeah...

Game on.


Marnee A said...

Game on!

Emma said...

Hey Ginny! I tried to post on my phone but don't know if it actually went through. Anyway, I also applied to be a dragon. Hopefully we will be breathing fire together! I blog over at Glad to find another RVA runner/blogger/mother! Looking forward to meeting you hopefully very soon!