Monday, September 30, 2013

Never say Never. Never.

“We’ll never survive!”
“Nonsense, you’re only saying never, because no one ever has.”
(Princess Bride)

1998, Shark, caught on a
Hopkins Plug - Hatteras Inlet

Well, that is so true of many things in life.  You only say NEVER if you’ve NEVER seen it. So, in theory -

I could say I’ll never run a BQ because I’ve never run one before.
I’ll never do an Ironman distance Triathlon because I’ve never done one.
I’ll never ride my bike 102 miles on Saturday because I haven’t ever gone that far before.

2013, Puppy Drum, caught on a
stinger - Cape Point

I’ve been fishing for 30 years at the OBX and TWICE I’ve done something "impossible" to do.  Isn’t that interesting that FISHING taught me something about LIFE? Maybe that’s why so many people enjoy it...

I wonder what other "NEVERs" I'll learn this year.


carrie said...

Nice catch! I always said I'd never move to New Orleans...

Running for Oreos said...

Are you riding "Martin's Tour of Richmond"? My hubby is doing it too!! Good luck to you!