Saturday, September 7, 2013

That moment when you're running

Have you ever had *that moment*?

You know?  That moment when you're running and you have 8 on the schedule, but there's a group you know running 20, and they're faster than you, but you show up anyway for part of their run and you get dropped at mile 7.5, and at mile 8 you decide you are going to run your last 2 miles at a hard effort to try to catch them before they leave their 10 mile SAG* and it takes you 2 miles to catch the group, but you do...?

cos everyone does this sort of thing, right?

Loved finishing strong today. It made me feel super. And I felt even more super when I realized I logged an 8:20 mi at mile 9 of my long run...

I used to be a pretty solid little runner... and today I ran with my MOJO.

So tomorrow I will ride for a few hours, because as much fun as my MOJO and I had today, tomorrow my run needs a rest day.


*SAG = support and gear


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8:20... I think I ran one of those. Once.

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