Sunday, July 27, 2008

10 GOOD things

On the bright side of being in a cast.... oh, excuse me, I haven't been fair here... a taupe open toe cast, trimmed in white cotton with a post modern industrial over boot complete with coordinating black velcro... 

10-Mom's coming in from BDA to take care of B-ridge so we don't go nuts.
 9-I only need to wear 1 sock, so my laundry is lasting 2 times longer.
 8 -My boot matches every purse I own.
 7-H has walked the dogs 3 times in 3 days.
 6-My kids are intermittently helpful and maddening, instead of just being maddeningly unhelpful.
 5- If I want to go out, I only need to find a right shoe.
 4- All the nonsense jobs, like scrap booking and i-photo "clean up" are getting done.
 3-The errands that require driving w/ little else are also getting done.
 2- I can put off back to school shopping for two more weekends.

And the number one thing about being in a cast...
I finally have a good excuse to have a messy house!

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