Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Anti-Planning for a successful future

Never Ever make plans.  Because if you have kids, the plans cannot happen the way you make them.  Take TODAY for example.  I was going to do NOTHING.  No car rides, no nothing.  The kids and I were going to head to the pool and chill out for a few hours and just "be".  So, the story below just goes to prove the point that if you EVER tell your kids you're going to do something fun, something unexpected will interfere, making you (*the mother) a LIAR.  That's what I am today...  And all I had were "anti-plans".  

But OH NO, B woke up this morning with a GIANT swollen EYE!!!  I mean, giant & bruised to the point of nearly black.  I would take a photo, but my camera is in MA.  Maybe if the camera gets here before the swelling is gone I can show you all.  Her face is so swollen that it looks like someone put a 1/2 a walnut under the skin under her right eye.  So, instead of "being", I leapt from my bed to dose her with Benadryl, and then set a timer, and after the timer elapsed and NO CHANGE I had to call the peds office, who was able to get me in to see the Dr at the least convenient time for me, and then as soon as I returned from the ped, I realized that we had failed to note the Vet apt on our calendar, so I dropped C off at "math camp", put B down for a nap and tidied up a bit (could hardy call it cleaning because nothing is clean), wrangled the dogs into the car, woke B, picked up Colleen, went to the vet- keeping in mind that b's eye looks outrageous at this point...  Now its 4pm and my kids are wondering when we get to go to the pool.  Yea, so, about that.  Thank Goddess I threw something in the crock pot this morning so dinner will be ready at a decent hour AND oh, we have plans tonight too... nice.

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