Friday, September 30, 2011


We have some traditions here at NofSahm.

One of them is TAPER ISLAND.

You take a bunch of tapering marathoners and tell them they can't run... and watch the insanity.  I liken it to a Reality TV show just WAITING to happen.

Bobbi, Karasmatic & Southern Comfort....  I'm sad to say... or pleased to report, that you're all being voted off Taper Island.  If you want to win just follow these tip...s ... ok, wait a minute.  Maybe we better go with, if you want to run a race YOU are proud of, you need to follow YOUR PLAN.  (and don't forget to Try not to suck).

So proud of all my friends running this weekend.  You're all going to be EPIC.  Believe.

And as always...

Savor the run.  Every time.

Respect the distance.  Every distance.

and when things get tough, its ALWAYS OK to channel Will Ferrel and shout out to the volunteers that you


fancy nancy said...

Awesome!!! Love the idea of taper island!! So fitting!

Rene' said...

I love getting voted off of Taper Island. 8 days babydoll.....all though I guess I have been tapering for a while now:) happy friday my friend!